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“Remember the past, challenge the future.” This sounds like a motto you’d see plastered on a motivational poster throughout the hallways of any addiction treatment center in the Orange County area. There is a lot of power in such a short statement.

However, if you assumed this was an inspirational quote, sadly, you were incorrect. In reality, this is the motto for the city of Lake Forest, CA – fitting, considering like many other cities, Lake Forest has a dire need for quality addiction treatment solutions. Fortunately, South Shores Detox offers a proven alternative to drug rehab centers in Lake Forest

If you or someone you love is suffering from mental health or substance abuse challenges and need near Lake Forest, South Shores Detox & Recovery offers hope in the form of our cutting-edge alcohol and drug rehab program.

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How Can I Get Sober In Lake Forest, CA?

Let’s take a look at the city motto one more time. “Remember the past, challenge the future.” How can we relate this to addiction treatment and the importance of obtaining impactful mental health and substance abuse therapy?

Well, the first step in getting sober is by getting in tune with the past – and present. If you have a history of addiction, coming to terms with your affinity for substance abuse is the first step in the recovery process.

While it’s important not to dwell, you must always remember what brought you to this point. The key is to look forward, but never forget, or underestimate the struggle of substance abuse.

At South Shores Recovery & Detox, we encourage you to challenge the future. Our expert staff is constantly nudging our clients to new heights, allowing them to conquer challenges and scale to unprecedented heights during the recovery process.

When you need quality addiction treatment, it’s important that you know the characteristics to look for. What are some of the identifying signs of a professional substance abuse facility?

What to Look for In an Alternative to Drug Rehab Centers in Lake Forest

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

You might think, “If I’ve seen one rehab, I’ve seen them all.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are several key elements one should look for when trying to locate the best addiction and mental health treatment center in Lake Forest, or our proven alternative here in Dana Point. Keep your eye out for the following dynamics:

Compassionate and Professional Staff

Regardless of how fancy the facility is or how much money is spent on cutting-edge addiction treatment – the building blocks lie in the morale of the staff. It takes a compassionate and professional staff to lay the groundwork for any successful treatment center. They must constantly keep their fingers on the pulse of their clients, engaging with them in a manner that’s down to earth while providing helpful insight and education.

Versatile Lineup of Treatment Options

Our alternative to drug rehab centers in Lake Forest offers a variety of different treatment options and care levels. A facility that limits its offerings simultaneously limits its clients’ odds of success. Look for a range of different care levels, including:

In addition to varying care levels, there should also be an expansive selection of therapeutic modalities, including, but not limited to:

  • Dual diagnosis mental health programs
  • Options for varying mental health issues
  • Group therapy options
  • Personalized treatment for the substance abuse recovery process
  • Aftercare options for post-drug and alcohol rehab

A Clean and Upscale Treatment Environment

You can tell a lot about treatment centers just by looking at how well-maintained they are. The grounds should always be immaculate, with attention to detail cleaning on the interior and exterior. Client rooms should be welcoming and inviting, with a clean and sanitized kitchen area.

A Proven Track Record and Accreditations

This may seem overly-simple, but it’s too easy to get lost in the admissions process and forget to do your due diligence. Any quality facility near Lake Forest, CA will have exceptional reviews, demonstrating the dedication and hard work toward helping clients just like you walk the path toward long-term recovery.

What to Expect at Our Orange County Drug Rehab

Expection at Orange County Drug Rehab

Entering a drug rehab for the first time can be intimidating. What can you expect from our Orange County rehab program? The following section outlines the steps involved to help you mentally prepare for your time at our location in Lake Forest.

Initial Contact With Our Treatment Team

After arriving at our Orange County facility, you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff and given a walkthrough of the facility. This is designed to get you acquainted and comfortable with your new living arrangements. There is some paperwork to complete, and you’ll be passed on to an assessment expert for your initial consultation.

This first interview helps decide the structure of your individualized treatment plan. We never approach two cases the same, and your path to recovery is unique to you. It’s important that you’re honest about your past and current substance use disorder history so we can understand the severity of the situation.

Meet with Our Doctor and Clinical Team

The next step usually includes a meeting with our physician. At this point, you’ll receive a physical to ensure you’re fit enough to receive treatment. After meeting with the physician, you’ll either be introduced to your housemates in treatment while we process any medications, or you’ll enter our medically-assisted detox.

Ultimately, you end up in your new living space where you’ll meet the staff nurses and other officials in charge you can contact for assistance. The first day is generally built around getting comfortable as opposed to attending actual therapy. You will, however, receive a schedule that outlines all of your mandatory meetings and any optional sessions you can participate in. This includes holistic workshops and other physical activities that aid in the healing process.

First Day and Beyond

First Day at Treatment Center

Your first official day might seem stressful as you get used to your schedule. Use the first couple of days to regain some of your physical strength while you get primed mentally for the extended course of treatment. It’s important that you allow yourself to participate in therapy in a natural way – meaning don’t try and force your interaction with counselors or attempt to give them “correct answers” to their questions. There are no right or wrong answers, and any questions should be viewed as a guided path to helping you uncover the deep rooted feelings at the center of your addiction.

The duration of your treatment is a buildup for your ultimate return home. Before you know it, you’ll go from new admission to seasoned veteran, ready to take on the world head-on.

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How Can I Pay for Treatment In Orange County?

One of the most common inquiries from potential clients pertains to funding for treatment. At most centers in Lake Forest, you’ll find that a great deal of insurance providers are accepted. However, many rehabs make it a rule that the facility you attend exists as an in-network partner for the insurance agency. Otherwise, you could be required to pay an additional amount out of pocket.

At South Shores Recovery, we work with a large number of different providers to ensure we give you the best odds at receiving coverage for most, if not all of your treatment.

How Much Will I Pay Out of Pocket?

It’s difficult to predict how much your out-of-pocket expenses might be without any prior knowledge of your policy. However, it only takes a quick phone call to find out the specifics and coverage levels, allowing us to gauge exactly how much, if any, you’re required to pay out of pocket. If you have any questions regarding insurance, we strongly suggest you contact us so we can obtain all of the pertinent information to determine the specifics regarding your plan.

Seeking Proactive Recovery Support In Lake Forest

Attending AA Meetings

It’s never a bad idea to be proactive in your recovery, whether it’s before, during, or after treatment. One of the most effective actions you can take is attending AA or NA meetings and engaging in other sober activities in Orange County. The following list contains a glimpse of one of our most favorite locations for recovery meetings, the Anaheim Alana Club. You’ll find powerful meetings all week long – and this is just one example among dozens of locations just like this!

Open Discussion Group

23401 El Toro Road
Lake Forest, CA
6:00 AM – 7:30 AM Monday-Friday

Under the Bridge

Saddleback Fellowship Hall
23401 El Toro Road
Lake Forest, CA
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Activities to Purse in Lake Forest for Sober Recreation After South Shores

Lake Forest Sober Recreation at Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park represents the promise of drug rehab centers in Lake Forest

Lose yourself in some of the most exciting sober recreation in Lake Forest:

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Establish the Groundwork for a Better Future at South Shores

At South Shores Recovery, we challenge you to challenge and embrace the future. Change can be difficult – sometimes even downright scary. Our expert team can arm you with the tools you need to manifest that change, allowing you to reclaim your independence.

For more information about our program, contact a member of our admissions team today. All calls are confidential, so please reach out for support today!