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Addiction can be difficult to diagnose at times. Experts agree that addiction is “a state when a person battles to control and continues to engage in compulsive overuse of a mind-altering substance, despite awareness of significant negative repercussions.” For these instances, drug rehab, which includes medication-assisted treatment, detox, and various levels of drug rehab care, is in high need in Santa Ana.

Taking drugs or consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can cause physical dependence. Physical and psychological dependence can develop in chronic users of these narcotics, making abstinence challenging. However, there are a number of potential causes of drug or alcohol addiction.

If you’re looking for quality drug rehab Santa Ana services, you’re in the right place! South Shores Recovery is within short driving distance of Santa Ana and is considered one of the top facilities in not only Orange County – but in the United States.

Keep reading to find out more about our convenience for treatment near Santa Ana CA, and the many programs we offer at South Shores!

Santa Ana, CA Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Treatment Centers for Mental Health Disorders and Alcohol Addiction

It’s not too late to change if you’re reading this. Knowing that there is hope for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction with professional therapy, time, and commitment is important whether you are researching for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.

Welcome to what is undoubtedly the best drug and alcohol recovery treatment center near Santa Ana. At South Shores Recovery, we want to help people in California break free from their addiction and mental health disorders. Please read on to learn more about who we are, what we do, and most importantly, how we can help you reclaim your life.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers In Santa Ana

Despite what you may have heard, Southern California is not a tranquil paradise. We don’t have the same notoriety as other hard-hit states for drug or alcohol usage, but we still battle with addiction. When push comes to shove, our conflict may be greater behind closed doors.

Research published in 2018 by the California Health Care Foundation found that at least 6% of drinking in the state may be classified as alcoholism and that 3% of our people’s unlawful drug consumption had progressed to full-fledged addiction requiring help from rehab centers near Santa Ana.

When taken together, the data suggest that up to 10% of locals suffer from substance abuse and could benefit from a treatment center that provides care for mental health conditions.

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Santa Ana Substance Abuse Breakdown

According to the Orange County Health Care Agency, the most common forms of drug addictions handled at any given treatment center near Santa Ana include:

  • Methamphetamines: 16%
  • Heroin: 20%
  • Alcohol: 18%
  • Cannabis: 13%
  • Other opiates: 2%
  • 1% for many other tranquilizers

It’s important to remember that official drug and alcohol abuse statistics may not reflect reality. Only those who have started and completed treatment at a drug or alcohol rehabilitation treatment center in Santa Ana are counted here.

Recognizing Addiction

It’s hard to define what constitutes curable addiction in a place where so many people are abusing drugs of all kinds. In all honesty, though, you should listen to your gut on this. Coming to our treatment center near Santa Ana because you’re worried about yourself or someone you care about makes you eligible for treatment services.

Warning Signs That the Substance Use Disorder Treatment Process Is Necessary

Indicators that potentially harmful use has progressed to addiction requiring a rigorous treatment process includes:

  • Tolerance develops as a result of chronic substance abuse
  • Taking ever-increasing amounts of your drug of choice.
  • Addiction can cause monetary difficulties
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Lying

How much of your time and effort do you spend preoccupied with your substance use? Do ideas of where to get high, how much it will cost, and how to get high keep entering your head even while you’re trying to focus on work, your relationships, or your hobbies?

You’re experiencing withdrawal because of the sudden end of your use. Depending on the substance, these can be mental or bodily, but almost always require mental health and substance misuse treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Santa Ana Rehab Centers

Dual Diagnosis Treatment 1

Our mental health services near Santa Ana include outpatient treatment programs – our facilities in Orange County at South Shores Recovery are less than 30 minutes away from Santa Ana.

Almost any form of psychoactive drug, when used excessively or for extended periods of time, can have negative psychological issues. If the majority of the classic symptoms are present, then it’s time to seek mental health services that come as part of dual diagnosis treatment near Santa Ana.

Weight loss, disturbed sleep patterns, extreme fatigue, and the appearance of track marks are all visible symptoms. On the other side, the stress and harm that addictions may cause to internal organs and health much outweigh any external signs.

South Shores Recovery: Help Near Santa Ana

As one of the leading providers of services for substance use disorders, South Shores Recovery is able to lend a hand. With years of impeccable medical service, our drug treatment facility in Santa Ana is one of the most prominent and longest-running in the area. We started off small, but now we have a network of professionals who care about your needs – all under one roof.

Residential treatment programs, intensive outpatient drug therapy, extended care, and long-term sober living residences are the main tenets of our drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation centers.

In our opinion, the best outcomes can be achieved when treatment plans are adapted to each individual client’s needs and lifestyle. We want to help people get sober and stay sober by providing them with individualized plans and recommendations for behavioral and environmental changes that will best suit their needs. To that end, we aim for comprehensiveness and excellence.

A Brief Description of the Clientele We Serve at Our Santa Ana Drug Rehab Center

South Shores Recovery treats all forms of addiction to drugs and alcohol that may be found in Orange County for Santa Ana residents. Our current expertise allows us to handle the following substance abuse problems:

  • Stimulants
  • Alcohol
  • Crack
  • Fentanyl
  • Heroin
  • Prescription
  • MDMA, aka: ecstasy
  • Meth
  • Ketamine
  • Marijuana
  • Spice

It is not unusual to work with clients who struggle with more than one form of substance abuse. Since we have extensive training in this area, we are able to offer detox, counseling, and comprehensive treatment programs to polydrug users.

Those who seek help at one of our addiction treatment centers in Santa Ana, California, have made one of the bravest and most courageous choices they will ever have to make. Our services are geared toward bolstering this choice by supplying each client with all the information that our expert staff in the field of addiction treatment can offer.

That is to say; we have spent our whole lives studying and applying the most cutting-edge methods for addressing substance misuse problems.

After assessing your or your loved one’s situation, South Shores Recovery will tailor a rehabilitation plan specifically for you. No matter the circumstances, we will treat each individual situation with the care it deserves. However, at a South Shores Recovery rehabilitation center, clients can expect normal medical procedures.

Initial Evaluation of Drug Addiction Treatment

Evaluation of Drug Addiction Treatment

The road to healing begins with insight. If you or a loved one are worried that you or a loved one may be addicted to drugs and are considering getting help, we can provide a confidential, no-cost evaluation.

One of our addiction specialists will speak with you during a pre-admission examination to learn more about your substance misuse history, its effects on your daily life, and your current living situation.

The mental health difficulties, if any, can be brought to light, as well as the addiction. Recognizing the interconnected nature of mental health, addiction, and emotional well-being, a dual diagnosis is a medical approach to drug misuse treatment.

Untreated depression, anxiety, and PTSD are typical co-occurring illnesses that should be treated immediately because they are major contributors to addiction.

The clients at South Shores Recovery clinics can feel certain that their information will remain private at all times.

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Santa Ana Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Detoxification, or the removal of harmful substances from the body, is the next step (in this case, the substance of abuse). The term “detox” is used to describe both the medical method used to facilitate the body’s natural process of eliminating toxins (in this example, the medicine) and the natural process itself.

People who have been binge-using or abusing a substance for a long time have severe withdrawal symptoms. Medication-assisted therapy and support are available at our drug and alcohol detox centers, with your specific needs being assessed on a regular basis.

A Comprehensive System of In-Patient and Residential Care

Inpatient Therapy

We have found that our clients who stay with us for the full twenty-eight-day duration of our inpatient residential treatment program at South Shores Recovery are the most successful. By coming to one of our beautiful, cutting-edge campuses, we hope that our customers will be able to focus on the program at hand and give it their full attention for its entirety.

Clients receiving inpatient therapy have access to medical staff around the clock in a drug-free facility where they can participate in a variety of stimulating activities and find quiet time to relax and contemplate in attractive, cutting-edge treatment centers.

In addition, the South Shores Recovery rehabilitation facility provides a comprehensive program of physical and occupational therapy, freshly prepared meals, and a supportive community of patients.

Inpatient treatment, commonly known as residential treatment, is available at our Santa Ana rehabilitation facility. People with moderate to severe addiction should attend this sort of rehabilitation. Staying in a residential rehab facility allows patients to put their attention and energy into their recovery without any outside influences or temptations to use again.

Medical Detox

Detoxification under medical supervision is the first step for many of our patients in residential treatment. This enables us to assist you in safely and efficiently eliminating all traces of the substance from your system with minimal discomfort associated with withdrawal. A drug-free detox prepares the body for further therapy. You will be evaluated and diagnosed for any physical or mental health problems you may be experiencing so that you may get the care you need.

To assist our clients in overcoming the mental and emotional challenges that come with addiction, we create tailor-made treatment plans that incorporate both individual and group therapy. Group therapy also allows you to connect with others who are going through similar challenges, making it easier to hold each other accountable and receive support as you work to heal.

There are times when it makes more sense to treat people as outpatients. If you find yourself unable to complete the required 30-day stay at a rehabilitation center, this is likely the situation.

Here, we provide programs that are similar to residential therapy but are delivered in a less restrictive outpatient or partial hospitalization setting. Withdrawal symptoms can be treated medically, through talk therapy with a therapist, or in a support group.

Outpatient Settings

Outpatient Settings

Some people may not require the round-the-clock care that residential treatment facilities provide, or they may be unable to relocate to be closer to the facility. So this is why we provide outpatient treatment for substance abuse. Clients enrolled in this program at our Santa Ana rehabilitation center are permitted to continue living at home while attending regular therapy sessions. The amount of time you need to spend in treatment at our Orange County facility will decrease as you reach predetermined goals.

Those with less severe addictions, no history of relapse, and strong social supports at home are good candidates for outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment is less likely to be successful if the individual lives with individuals who are still abusing substances or who provide enabling environments. You should expect to spend less and less time in Santa Ana rehab as you reach sobriety milestones.

Addiction Treatment Aftercare

Following the completion of one of our programs for substance abuse, you will continue to put forth effort into your sobriety. It is common for people undergoing addiction treatment to take time away from their daily lives to focus on getting better, focusing on the therapy they’re receiving, and building up their arsenal of coping mechanisms so that they can avoid relapsing into drug use once they leave treatment.

There is no need for us to go back to the real world alone. In spite of this, we must surmount the obstacles presented by reentering everyday life, where we must deal with the demands and difficulties that we encounter. Many people’s lives unravel as a result of addiction or other issues, and they lose everything.

Moving from one location to another should be easy and quick for you. You will be helped to create a plan for continued care for yourself after completing addiction treatment.

To help you on your journey back into everyday life while never losing sight of your recovery process, we can point you in the direction of resources like legal aid, financial aid, 12-step groups, and ongoing outpatient therapy.

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South Shores Recovery Specific Treatment Options

At South Shores Recovery, we pride ourselves on having a multidisciplinary staff that is well-versed in a variety of therapies and treatment techniques that have been shown to be effective. As a result, we can personalize your addiction treatment based on your unique needs and experiences.

While receiving treatment for addiction at one of our drug rehab centers, you are free to make use of the following modalities:

  • A cognitive-behavioral approach to treatment (CBT)
  • Therapy based on dialectical behavior theory (DBT)
  • Counseling through the use of creative means
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Psychoeducation
  • Holistic healing
  • Activities that improve life skills

Explore our comprehensive listing if you’re curious about the various options available to treat alcohol and drug dependency.

In our view, addiction is a disease that affects both the body and the mind, and treatment is a therapeutic method used to treat this disease. Various forms of treatment will be necessary for different patients at the rehabilitation facility because no two clients’ histories of substance misuse are the same. After spending time with you at a South Shores Recovery rehabilitation center, we want to have improved your emotional, psychological, and behavioral well-being via the use of our therapeutic talents.

Recognizing the Signs of Addiction

Recognizing the Signs of Addiction

The symptoms of addiction might be subtle, like those of many other chronic disorders. You may have started drinking socially or using recreational drugs, or you may have been prescribed a drug that you are now misusing. No matter the root cause of your addiction, getting help as soon as possible is crucial. Ask yourself these questions to help you determine if you have a problem with addiction:

  • Do you frequently fantasize about using drugs or drinking?
  • Have you tried to abstain entirely from drugs or alcohol or cut back significantly but failed?
  • Use drugs or alcohol to numb feelings of distress?
  • Is there a time when you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs while attending college or working?
  • How much do drugs or alcohol impact your ability to function at work or in school?
  • To what extent do you prioritize maintaining a sufficient supply of medication?
  • Is your substance usage causing problems in your personal life?
  • Do you ever steal or lie to earn the money you need to buy drugs or alcohol?
  • Have you ever gotten into trouble with the law or needed medical attention due to your substance abuse?
  • Is drug use compromising your psychological or bodily health?

Don't Delay: Our Services Near Santa Ana Can Help

Sometimes it’s not obvious where to start looking for help when you or a loved one needs addiction therapy. South Shore’s services are some of the most comprehensive and effective in all of Orange County and Southern California.

Clients who enter our addiction treatment programs receive the finest standard of care, with a focus on healing the full person rather than just the addiction itself. We’re about a half-hour away from beautiful Santa Ana and serve the entire Southern California region.

For more information on how we can help you, contact a member of our admissions team today.