Does TriWest Cover Drug Rehab

Does TriWest Cover Drug Rehab?

Using TriWest Healthcare Alliance for Addiction Treatment

Over one in ten veterans are diagnosed with a substance use disorder after returning from the military. The realities of war can be damaging. Furthermore, veterans are at greater risk of trauma, pain, homelessness, and suicide-related to their military experience.

If you or a loved one are experiencing substance abuse issues after being in the military this can leave you wondering, does TriWest cover drug rehab? If so, you have found the right resource for answers!

TriWest does provide coverage for drug and alcohol rehab for both active and retired service members. They work with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure coverage that ensures military members get the help that they both need and deserve.

At South Shores, we believe that your health insurance coverage should never stand in the way of attending rehab. Let’s take a look at how the TriWest health care program works and the VA benefits that are offered as well.

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Does TriWest Cover Drug Rehab?

Yes, TriWest Healthcare Alliance does offer addiction treatment coverage. Addiction treatment and mental health services are both considered essential health benefits. As standard health benefits, insurance providers must offer full or partial coverage of mental and behavioral health services.

The specifics of how much drug alcohol rehab is going to depend on your insurance providers. TriWest works as a third-party administrator and offers TRICARE and VA health benefits that might fully cover the cost of rehab. TriWest carries out the Veterans Affairs (VA) Community Care plans, ensuring all veterans have access to the health care they deserve.

In other cases, individuals might have insurance coverage through TriWest as well as Medicare. This means that TriWest or TRICARE would cover some expenses and then Medicare/Medicaid or another established insurance provider would pick up the remaining costs.

Don’t worry if that sounds confusing. Our team at South Shores can easily verify health insurance and help you learn more about your coverage and VA health benefits.

What Types of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services Are Covered by TriWest?

Individuals seeking addiction treatment may wonder what specific healthcare services are available to individuals at drug and alcohol rehab. Often, healthcare services covered by TriWest include both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Clients with severe drug or alcohol addiction may benefit most from residential treatment, particularly if they are experiencing withdrawal, have severe mental health symptoms, or need a safe place where they can focus on recovery.

Often, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs are covered by TriWest as well. These can be used to bridge the gap between residential services and returning to work and home life or used as a standalone service. Furthermore, TriWest and TRICARE insurance plans offer coverage for mental and behavioral therapies, psychiatric treatment and medication, and other treatment options that can help you get the quality care you deserve.

How Military Service Impacts Addiction and Mental Health

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

While some military members deal with addiction or PTSD, approximately 1 in 5 veterans are dealing with both. Individuals with untreated mental health conditions like PTSD are more likely to self-medicate and over time, this medication can lead to the development of substance use disorders.

Fortunately, TriWest and TRICARE often fully covers co-occurring disorder treatment at South Shores, as we are in-network provider.

At South Shores, we believe mental and behavioral healthcare services go hand-in-hand. Individuals who are self-medicating with drugs or alcohol often have unresolved trauma or underlying mental health conditions like PTSD. For our clients who struggle with substance use disorder and mental or behavioral health, we offer dual diagnosis treatment options that focus on both areas.

TriWest and VA Health Benefits

Some veterans may feel limited feeling they have to choose from the VA network of providers. TriWest connects veterans with a wider network of healthcare providers in regions 4 and 5 of the United States. Regions 4 and 5 include states found across the western part of the United States.

This includes Alaska, Arizona, Texas, Utah, California, Arizona, Montana, Hawaii, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Wyoming, Oregon, Guam, the Mariana Islands, and the American Samoa.

TriWest Healthcare Alliance works closely with VA facilities to ensure they are providing services in the best medical interest of clients. In the event of a veteran choosing care outside of a TriWest facility, they may be covered under the Veterans Choice Program.

This program allows access to substance abuse treatment, as well as mental or behavioral healthcare that isn’t available through the Veteran Affairs (VA) Community Care network. If you are not covered, call for more information today.

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TriWest vs TRICARE Plans

Technically, TriWest Healthcare Alliance is not an insurance plan or provider. Rather, TriWest Healthcare Alliance is a third-party administrator that works on behalf of both the TRICARE West region as well as the VA Community Care network.

The network of providers working with TriWest gives members access to healthcare providers, mental and behavioral health services, and other quality care they may not be eligible for otherwise without private plans.

By contrast, the Department of Defense TRICARE program is for active duty service members, as well as retirees and their family members located in the western United States. Individuals can receive coverage through TRICARE and/or TriWest as long as they meet eligibility requirements.

TriWest vs Medicare vs Medicaid

While TriWest Healthcare Alliance is set up to work with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide healthcare benefits, it is not the same as Medicare or Medicaid. Some individuals can also have Medicare and/or Medicaid coverage in addition to TriWest

What are the Eligibility Requirements for TriWest?

To be qualified for TriWest, members must not have access to treatment at a full-service VA facility, or not have an available TRICARE alternative for treatment. Some states do not offer this service to veterans or active duty service members.

While TriWest Health Alliance will provide coverage alongside another health insurance plan like Medicare or Medicaid, it is generally not approved for individuals with an existing healthcare provider. Members of TriWest must also live in regions 4 and 5 of the United States.

Will TriWest Healthcare Alliance Cover Mental Health Services and Prescriptions?

TriWest Healthcare Alliance Cover Mental Health Services

Even if veterans are not struggling with substance use disorders, TriWest Healthcare Alliance will cover mental and behavioral health services at a VA facility. This includes treatment for PTSD, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, and other issues that veterans may be struggling with.

TriWest also covers prescriptions. This includes prescriptions for mental conditions as well as prescriptions for medication-assisted treatment and detox.

How to Find Out if Your Insurance Provider Covers Addiction Treatment

Once you’ve decided that drug or alcohol addiction is negatively impacting your life, give us a call at South Shores. The easiest way to verify TriWest and TRICARE benefits for rehab is over the phone with a call to our team directly.

We will quickly and completely confidentially provide you with details on our programs, costs involved in attending (if any) and answer any questions you may have as well.

What to Expect During Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When it comes to drug alcohol rehab, not all treatment programs are created the same. At South Shores, we focus on addiction treatment as well as any underlying mental health conditions that may be contributing to drug or alcohol use.

It’s not uncommon for individuals who have served to develop addiction problems from repressed trauma after serving in the military. Addressing both aspects of addiction helps us provide the support and addiction treatment that veteran and military communities deserve.

South Shores Offers a Full Range of Behavioral Health Support

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment may involve inpatient programs covered by TRICARE, outpatient treatment programs, or a combination of the two. Inpatient treatment works best in cases of severe addiction or when an individual is experiencing withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol. At South Shores, we can help with medication-assisted treatment to make the detox process more comfortable.

In addition to medical detox services, our medical staff provides mental health services, individual and group therapy, family therapy, and various classes and activities that promote an overall sense of well-being. Individual therapies will vary depending on your specific needs and might include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, or other approaches to treat underlying trauma or mental illness that contributes to addiction.

Outpatient Treatment and Addiction Aftercare

Outpatient Treatment

An alternative to inpatient treatment is intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization programs. These programs last for several hours each day. Clients often participate in these programs while continuing to go to work and sleep at home. Programs like these can be used transitionally when a patient leaves residential care or they can provide a resource for individuals seeking addiction treatment without being admitted for inpatient care.

Furthermore, regardless of which substance abuse treatment options you choose, South Shores also offers aftercare services. This includes connecting with a licensed therapist and/or psychiatrist, finding support groups in your area, and following up with Veteran Affairs to ensure you are making the most of available resources.

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Get Treatment Programs Covered by TriWest at South Shores

Being part of war can be incredibly traumatic and life can be full of trauma too. Some military members have trouble adjusting to life on the outside, while others turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with unresolved issues. Still others have family members in need of effective treatment options. No matter which describes your situation, we can and will help return you or your loved one to full health.

If you are struggling, call us at South Shores today. We can verify participation in the TriWest or TRICARE plan and provide more information on the addiction treatment services offered at our facility.

You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than quality care after serving in the military. Let us take care of you and help you on the path to a brighter future today!