Anthem Blue Cross Detox

Anthem Blue Cross Detox

Get Help Using Anthem BCBS for Detox at South Shores

Imagine struggling with substance abuse disorder for years and finally taking the steps to enter one of the ideal treatment centers you’ve been considering. The thought of unhooking the safety lines you’ve had attached to your substance of choice for a decade or more drives a looming sense of fear and nervousness.

However, it’s a good nervous – as it comes with the anticipation of the chance of starting a new life.

This moment is a culmination of years of contemplating – but a month of taking action, as you’ve worked diligently to prepare yourself and make arrangements to enter an Anthem Blue Cross detox and inpatient addiction treatment. You took your last dose or drink about 18 hours ago, ready to enter with a sober mind, despite the onset of withdrawal. All your affairs are in order, including work, and other obligations that will pause for 30 days or more.

However, in a split second, all your preparation and positivity is dealt a massive blow when you find out the facility doesn’t accept your insurance. Your ride is gone, you’ve been taken off of your work schedule for a month, and you realize that the impending relief for your withdrawal symptoms will no longer be available.

This does not have to be the case, and South Shores can assist with detox services covered by Anthem Blue Cross Insurance, whether full or in part. Keep reading to find out more!

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The Importance of a Quality Provider and Professional Treatment Center

Unfortunately, the situation described above is all too common. Luckily, it’s easily prevented by making the choice to work with a quality provider in California that works as an in-network partner with some of the most prominent names in the insurance industry. Combining this with a quality source of insurance can help guarantee you don’t experience a similar situation as the one described above.

At South Shores Detox and Recovery, we partner with insurance companies like Anthem Blue Cross – one of the nation’s largest providers, to ensure not only quality care but dependable coverage.

Avoiding a Premium Cost for Your Addiction Treatment

If you’re struggling with your mental health or suffer from substance abuse disorder, simply taking the steps to research and find the ideal treatment centers based on your needs is a huge step. When you finally single out the best drug rehab based on your needs, finding a source of funding for drug or alcohol addiction treatment presents a new challenge altogether.

Unfortunately, high-level substance abuse and mental health treatment often come at a premium cost, increasing the burden on those already shouldering the weight of a drug or alcohol addiction. In the not-so-distant past, obtaining funding for mental health or addiction treatment was a commodity reserved for those with enough liquid cash to counteract the lack of funding from any number of health insurance companies.

Thanks to recent legislation regarding the average citizen’s access to a quality health insurance company, in addition to regulations focused on mandatory funding for substance abuse treatment, insurance coverage is available for those deciding to enter drug rehab.

South Shores Detox Accepts Anthem Blue Cross Detox Coverage

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Companies like Anthem Health Insurance, otherwise known as Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, provide security when deciding to take the next step toward substance abuse recovery. If you’re already a member of Blue Cross Blue Shield, your insurance coverage will fund some, if not all, of your costs for services like intensive outpatient treatment and inpatient drug rehab.

This article offers guidance on the process of entering detox at South Shores using Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. If you’re uninsured, we’ll help guide you through the simple process of signing up for Anthem Health Insurance coverage, giving you access to the substance abuse treatment you need.

Addiction Treatment If You Have Blue Cross Blue Shield

If you’re already a recipient of Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance coverage, you’re already eligible for the funding you need to enter addiction treatment. At South Shores Recovery, we offer the finest in addiction treatment combined with special areas of focus on mental health and dual diagnosis.

We’re not just a drug rehab. We’re a top-tier recovery center that helps those in need reclaim their independence with long-term, actionable therapy.

We partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide addiction treatment to countless numbers of new clients each year. You’re probably wondering which of our services is covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Your health insurance provides some, if not all, coverage, for the following services:

  • Detoxification for those with a substance use disorder
  • Drug rehabilitation treatment for those with depression and other mental health conditions
  • This includes inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, and corresponding therapeutic modalities

How Do I Check My Anthem Blue Cross Insurance Benefits?

Checking your Anthem Insurance coverage limits can be a time-consuming process that entails long hold times, and sometimes confusing rhetoric that’s difficult to digest. This is especially the case if you’re primarily focused on entering treatment. Let the team at South Shores Detox and Recovery deal with Blue Cross Blue Shield or any other insurance company.

Our team will reach out to your agent at Anthem Insurance to verify benefits and coverage details and obtain the specifics regarding your Anthem Blue Cross Insurance policy. We’ll get the exact coverage limits and other information, including copayments, deductibles, and other important figures.

This ensures there are no hangups or lapses in treatment, leaving you aware of exactly what you need in addition to your treatment allowances.

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What Rehab Programs Does Anthem Insurance Cover?

One of the primary concerns of most clients is the amount Anthem Blue Cross Insurance provides when you enter treatment. As with any insurance company, your coverage allowances are based on your specific policy. A number of different factors help determine your final policy limits.

The staff at South Shores Detox and Recovery will obtain the exact figures, giving you a clear picture of your Anthem Insurance limits. Typically, the following factors carry the most influence over your coverage levels from this insurance provider:

  • The specific type of Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan
  • Whether the treatment center is considered in-network
  • The intensity of your drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • Duration of drug and alcohol addiction recovery program
  • Special accommodations offered by the recovery center

Does Anthem Blue Cross Cover Detox?

Blue Cross Covered Medical Detox

Opting for addiction treatment in Orange County, or elsewhere in the US for that matter, consists of one or a combination of several care levels, depending on the nature of your disorder. In many instances, specifically for substances like opioids, alcohol, and benzodiazepines, your addiction treatment begins with detoxification.

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides some or all of the cost for detox, depending on your specific plan. After officially deciding to move forward into recovery, one of the most important decisions is the type of detox environment you select. Consider the following options with regard to the severity of your withdrawal symptoms, your support system, and your level of willpower.

Inpatient Medical Detox at South Shores

Drug abuse causes all types of collateral damage – and the withdrawal process is only one of the challenges that accompany recovery. There’s no denying the fact that forging through the uncomfortable part of the detox process is difficult – but not impossible.

Your chances of success are much higher by opting for medically supervised detox when you seek treatment. This is only the beginning stage of overcoming a number of substance use disorders – but it’s a critical step that can’t be ignored.

What Am I Billed for During Inpatient Detox and Treatment?

If your insurance provider is Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, you will receive some level of coverage for the inpatient detox process. So, what do these funds cover, and why is it so important?

Your insurance plan will often cover the following during inpatient detox at South Shores:

  • Your room and board/bed space
  • The treatment process
  • Nutritional provisions during detox
  • Medications administered throughout the process

Inpatient detox is the most comprehensive option for those experiencing withdrawal. You’ll receive care from trained doctors and nurses around the clock, a nutritious diet option to help relieve your symptoms, moral support, and medication to help relieve some of the most severe symptoms caused by withdrawal.

Another option is a long-term solution that ultimately leads to a slow, tapered detox, but is still eligible for insurance coverage.

Our Medically-Assisted Therapy Methods

During medication-assisted treatment or therapy, clients are prescribed items like Methadone or Suboxone. While technically considered a maintenance plan, the long-term goal is still complete abstinence. The difference is the detox process takes place over an extended period of time while you are weened from your opioid of choice.

This makes the detox process more manageable and far less painful, allowing you to slowly adjust to a life of sobriety and function in society without dealing with the constant fear of withdrawal pains.

Depending on your specific policy, Anthem Blue Cross provides funding for Methadone clinic programs and Suboxone regimens prescribed by private doctors. Because the latter must be obtained through a private practice, your insurance plan will also cover the cost of at least a portion of the visit, in addition to the medication.

The third option requires no insurance plan, but we strongly suggest going this route unless you have no other option.

The Dangers of Attempting At-Home Detox

At-Home Detox

At-home detox – otherwise known as “cold turkey detox,” is completed in the home without the assistance of medical professionals. There are several dangers associated with this, aside from the increased chances of relapsing.

You may experience additional medical challenges because of a lack of medication to mitigate your symptoms. Although rare, in some cases, at-home detox can turn deadly. The chances are much higher if your substance of choice is alcohol or benzodiazepines.

The typical outcome usually results in the individual giving in to the pains of withdrawal and finding a source for their drug of choice. This might seem like the easiest detox with fewer boundaries or hurdles to cross, but in the end presents the potential for far more complications than the two alternatives.

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South Shores Detox Accepts Anthem Blue Cross: Get Support Now!

Regardless of your substance of choice and potential mental health disorders associated with your substance abuse challenges, South Shores Detox & Recovery offers a solution for all levels of addiction. The best choice you can make is to opt for inpatient detox and an immediate transfer into our treatment program.

Anthem Blue Cross and South Shores Detox and Recovery work together daily to ensure clients just like you get the care they need. We have experts standing by waiting to help you craft a personalized treatment plan to help you reclaim everything you temporarily lost to substance abuse. Recovery is real – contact a member of our team today!