Christian Rehab Center in Orange County

Christian Rehab Center in Orange County

Faith-Based Christian Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Those who hold the Christian religion close to their hearts are taught to acknowledge God in all ways. The longer someone stays rooted in Christianity, the more they learn to incorporate prayer and worship in every aspect of their daily routine.

So when a Christian church member falls victim to the grip of drug and alcohol addiction, it’s important that addiction treatment services are available that incorporate their beliefs and promote faith-based healing. If you’ve never heard of our Christian rehab center in Orange County services and consider yourself a practicing member of the faith, you might want to read this article from start to finish.

You might not see as many of these specialized forms of drug addiction treatment, but in this case, it’s a quality-over-quantity situation. At South Shores Recovery, we have a specialized program made specifically for Christians to pursue recovery.

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The Existence of Christian Drug Rehabs In the Addiction Treatment Community

At South Shores Recovery, we’re not a completely Christian-focused facility. However, the individual in charge of our facilities is heavily involved in the Christian community, so many of the ideals carry over into our daily activities.

The specialized program we offer does, however, focus on healing through faith and the inclusion of multiple Christian ideals to help strengthen your conviction, receive help for your substance abuse issues through prayer, and bond with other Christians during your time of need.

The Christian Drug Rehab Process

Drug addiction can be a serious problem with long-term consequences if not addressed quickly and efficiently. Addictions are complicated disorders that cannot be cured by just having the goal of sobriety.

Getting sober often needs professional help. Addiction is an illness that is characterized by a strong, uncontrollable urge to consume drugs and alcohol, even when it causes negative effects on the individual’s health or other areas of life.

Fortunately, drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs can help you overcome compulsive behaviors and reduce your urge to use your substance of choice. Christian rehab offerings often combine traditional treatment with spiritual guidance to help you gain control of your life.

What Should I Expect from a Christian Addiction Treatment Center in Orange County?

What Should I Expect from a Christian Drug Addiction Treatment

Many Christian drug addiction recovery centers follow the same procedures as other drug and alcohol rehab centers in Orange County. The main difference is that these are based on principles of spiritual awareness. Practitioners at these facilities typically share the same faith, strengthening the appeal and bond between clients and administration.

Christian substance abuse rehabs place emphasis on daily prayer, worship, and Bible study, which can help strengthen your relationship with Jesus. It also offers various treatment methods that are proven to help people overcome their substance abuse issues, such as group therapy, detox, and individual counseling.

During Christian-based addiction treatment, you’ll also receive help for mental health disorders combined with drug and alcohol abuse. In addition, you’ll receive support regarding the negative stigma regarding those with drug abuse issues.

It’s not a sin, you’re not going to hell – and there is help for you. The following protocol typically outlines a client’s stay at during our Christian addiction recovery program:


Upon entering a Christian addiction treatment center, clients are assessed for physical and mental health. This process involves taking into account various factors such as the client’s family background, substance abuse, and mental health problems.


The length and ease of the detox process depend on the length and severity of your addiction, as well as the degree to which you’ve become physically dependent. Clients who have used opioids, benzos or other prescription drugs, alcohol, and even methamphetamines may be at risk for severe and painful withdrawal symptoms. In some situations, an addiction treatment center may provide clients with medication to help ease the discomfort of detox.

Individual Treatment

Most rehab centers offer a combination of group, individual, and behavioral therapy to help people overcome their substance abuse problems. These methods will assist you in identifying the causes of your problem and developing strategies to cope with your drug or alcohol addiction.

These groups can provide you with the support and encouragement that you need from other Christians going through the exact same experience.

Aftercare Options

Aftercare refers to the process of developing a recovery plan with your therapist. It can involve substance abuse treatment at an outpatient center or in Christian support groups or individual therapy for addiction treatment.

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What Faith-Based Teachings Are Available At Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Orange County?

While every program varies regarding content, Christian substance abuse treatment centers follow Biblical principles and provide high-quality treatment. In addition to regular therapy sessions, you’ll also be able to participate in various educational classes and group activities. These activities allow you to maintain a strong relationship with your faith while working on your recovery – all with other Christians sharing in the experience.

The program’s curriculum often incorporates the words of Christ, which can help individuals relate their experiences with addiction and overcome shame. Many Christian rehab facilities also have learning objectives that are based on various books and scriptures. If you compare many of the quotes from the New Testament, many of the quotes from Christ are easily applied to addiction recovery and the way you should model your life in general.

Individuals can achieve these goals on their own, or with the help of other people. Some Christian rehabilitation facilities also participate in activities that are off-site. In some cases, these programs provide in-house Sunday services to allow patients to remain in their facility.

Besides a faith-based curriculum, substance abuse treatment programs also provide evidence-based methods.

Characteristics of Christian Rehabs You Might Find Appealing

Characteristics of Christian Rehabs You Might Find Appealing

If you’re a Christian looking for a drug treatment facility, you may not find these at every faith-based center – but as a general rule, most do offer a similar group of benefits:

Morning Prayer Services

A large part of any Christian’s life is beginning the day with prayer. This is often the cornerstone of your experience daily, and it’s important to pray for the things you need, and begin your day by giving thanks for everything you’ve received, and will receive.

Most facilities offer smaller morning prayer sessions, and some go as far as offering a full-length worship service each and every morning for clients. Again, this depends heavily on the facility you attend, but expect something similar almost everywhere.

Regular Church Services

One of the most important elements of being a Christian is having a regular schedule for attending church service. This doesn’t look the same for every client, and not everyone has the same schedule. This is why most facilities offer multiple different church services throughout the day or week.

You’ll find options like the one described above with morning services. Most places offer some type of evening worship service so you can wrap your day up in a positive note. One constant that you will find across all facilities is the normal Sunday church service where everyone at the facility has a chance to attend together. This is often followed by optional programs and studies where you can build on your faith and knowledge of Christianity.

Meal Prayers

One of the most common actions among ALL religions – not just Christianity – is the before-meal prayer. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to acknowledge God in all ways, and one of the best ways to go about this is by giving thanks before every meal.

Most rehab facilities have a kitchen and dining hall where everyone enjoys meals together. This is an added benefit at a Christian facility because of the fact it gives everyone the opportunity to share in their meal prayer together. This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations are an important part of each day, regardless of whether you have a specific faith or not. However, these have a special place in the Christian religion.

These affirmations are small goals and the hope you have for yourself and others that you get a chance to speak out loud. For addiction treatment, this is a huge part of recovery, as acknowledging and speaking things out loud helps to affirm your beliefs, strengthen your conviction, and share with God the things that you want to take place in your life.

Most facilities offer group daily affirmations, which can be an exciting and fun part of the program. It builds positivity and gives you a chance to share in some of the more personal elements of your life while joining together in getting closer to God.

It’s not mandatory, and if you’d rather keep your affirmations private – that’s okay too.

12-Step Meetings

This is perhaps one of the most important parts of any Christian recovery program. If you have an understanding of the 12-step approach to recovery, you’re aware of the fact that it’s deeply rooted in the belief in a higher power.

This model has a unique spot in Christian recovery centers, as it directly correlates to the ideals and beliefs already conveyed by the workers at these centers. In addition, 12-step meetings provide a huge list of opportunities to build on your recovery and harvest relationships with other clients in rehab.

The 12-steps in any drug or alcohol rehab allow you to:

  • Engage in recovery after the individual treatment process. This is a social way of healing and can be engaging, entertaining, and heartwarming at the same time.
  • It gives you a chance to help others or lend an ear, and take in different perspectives from other clients.
  • It’s a great way to share in strengthening your faith with other Christians. You’re likely to build relationships at a Christian recovery facility that are meaningful and have a lasting place in your life well after you finish your treatment program. 12-step meetings are a great opportunity to cultivate these relationships while working on your recovery journey.
  • Finally, you’ll also have opportunities to capitalize on post-treatment options. You can learn about different 12-step groups in your area, as well as any other faith-based group meetings you can take advantage of as part of your post-treatment tools.

How Much Does a Christian Rehab Center Cost?

How Much Is Christian Drug Rehab

Christian drug rehab generally falls along the same costs as other facilities, and many of them are covered by regular insurance companies through Medicaid, along with private insurance agencies through work or otherwise.

One benefit of Christian-based treatment centers is the fact that many charities exist to help those cover out-of-pocket costs who may not have the funds to do so. Different grants and other funding options give the average person a chance to achieve recovery in the way that benefits them the most.

If you have questions regarding this topic, contact South Shores Recovery and we can help you locate these exact same types of organizations that provide help to those seeking our services on a daily basis.

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Recovery Through Faith with Our Christian Rehab Program

If you’re a Christian that’s fallen into the trap of substance abuse, you don’t have to fight the battle alone. Not only is God with you, but our team of experts is ready to provide a hand when you need it.

For more information about any of our program specifics and how to attend treatment, contact a member of our admissions team for a confidential consultation today!