Drug Rehab Chula Vista Services

Drug Rehab Chula Vista Services

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For some people battling substance abuse disorder, living in a major city like San Diego might seem like an advantage because of the proximity to a large concentration of addiction treatment centers. Having your pick of dozens of substance abuse recovery solutions certainly has advantages.

However, the solutions you’re looking for may be better realized a little over an hour away – just far enough to get you away from the busy, fast-paced environment in a city like San Diego. With our drug rehab Chula Vista services, South Shores offers a comprehensive solution to your substance abuse and mental health challenges.

If you or someone you love is looking for treatment in the San Diego or Chula Vista area, this article covers the fantastic benefits of South Shores Detox. Keep reading to learn more about our accredited behavioral therapy programs, care levels, and extensive network of insurance providers we work with to help you fund your stay at our program – among other options we offer!

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A Proven Alternative to Chula Vista Drug Rehab Centers

In the San Diego area, there are roughly 90 outpatient, 60 inpatient, and 40 detox facilities for those suffering from alcohol or substance abuse disorders. In 2023, there were over 500 opioid-related overdose deaths, which are a part of the much larger 4,130 drug-related visits to hospitals.

Comparatively, Chula Vista, CA, has a much lower rate of substance abuse than San Diego and other parts of California. The crime rate per capita is much lower, adding to the luster that makes South Shores Recovery an attractive option for those in the greater San Diego area.

While the environment is a major draw for those seeking recovery, as the external dynamic surrounding an addiction treatment center is important – it’s what’s going on internally that drives such a high success rate at our Orange County treatment center.

Leading the Way for Chula Vista Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Substance Abuse Treatment

Strategically located a little over an hour from San Diego, our addiction treatment facility near Chula Vista serves a diverse demographic of clients throughout the area. San Diego is a major city and our neighboring location gives tens of thousands access to top-tier behavioral therapy and mental health services.

One of the most significant advantages is our ability to treat Marines and their families from Camp Pendleton. As arguably one of the most important military bases in the United States, Marines from this base are under an incredible amount of pressure to perform at the highest levels.

Unfortunately, this leads to many seeking forms of self-medication with alcohol and sometimes drugs as well, either as an escape from the pressure or relief from PTSD, a common disorder among soldiers.

So, what makes South Shores so effective at providing impactful solutions for service members in San Diego and other clients in the surrounding areas?

Enhanced Focus On Mental Health In Chula Vista

The therapeutic modalities available at South Shores are among some of the most highly esteemed programs in the country. Our approach toward evidence-based forms of treatment sets us apart from the standard addiction treatment facilities in San Diego.

If you suffer from an alcohol or substance use disorder or have a co-occurring mental health/substance abuse disorder, our program options are worth looking into as a pathway to long-term recovery.

The Behavioral Therapy Options for Our Chula Vista Clients

Behavioral therapy for mental health and substance abuse is an evidence-based approach designed to help clients conquer addiction by altering damaging behavior patterns and harmful thought processes. These programs operate under an initial awareness that substance abuse is triggered by certain behaviors and triggers in your environment.

When the triggers are identified and we address these behaviors, therapy empowers our clients to maintain control over their lives by making more positive choices. Reinforcement also plays a substantial role during these treatment programs.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies in Addiction Treatment

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, otherwise known as CBT, is a process that entails clients working closely with therapists to explore underlying beliefs and self-perceptions that drive addiction. This requires each client to examine how they view themselves internally, in addition to taking stock of external factors like relationships and environments.

Through introspective talk therapy, clients identify distortions and inconsistencies in their ways of thinking and reality. This identification allows them to pinpoint what perpetuates their addictions.

After focusing on the elements and negative thought patterns that drive substance use, clients can reframe their self-perceptions and properly structure any disordered thoughts that previously took place.

This style of mental health treatment also helps clients manage cravings and avoid high-risk situations that would normally be out of character but take front and center during active addiction. During therapy, clients participate in behavioral experiments and role-playing, giving them a chance to deploy their new skills in a life-like environment.

Our Evidence Based Approaches: Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

In the same manner that cognitive behavioral therapy helps clients change the way they internalize thought processes, dialectical behavior therapy (more commonly referred to as DBT) alters the way they approach external situations.

DBT helps you develop skills to manage intense emotions and stress caused by external factors. By learning fresh ways to handle these situations, you begin to approach them in a healthy manner without turning to drugs or alcohol to numb yourself. Several components make up the structure of DBT:

  • Tolerating Stress. DBT teaches you to manage stressful situations without using drugs or alcohol as a crutch. By deploying techniques like self-soothing, distraction methods, and crisis survival, you learn to reduce the need for your drug of choice.
  • Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a skill that involves paying attention to what’s going on around you in the present without the need for judgment or action. You learn to observe and experience your thoughts and feelings in the moment without reacting impulsively. Clients learn to manage periods of discomfort without using drugs or alcohol as a route of escape from these uncomfortable scenarios.
  • Regulating Emotions. Emotional outbursts become a challenge when contending with a substance abuse disorder. During DBT, you’ll learn how to understand and regulate your emotions. As a result, you’re able to handle intense feelings and develop a deeper level of emotional endurance.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness. DBT promotes awareness of communication skills and how to assert your stance on individuals to better navigate relationships. You’ll learn how to set boundaries and express your specific needs during your interactions with those close to you.
  • Finding a Healthy Balance. When it comes to mental health and addiction, the challenge often lies in overindulgence, and critical dynamics in your life are magnified, causing stress and negative thoughts or feelings. Finding a happy medium while giving thought to the goal of changing your addictive tendencies and the challenges that stem from them.

Medication-Assisted Treatment as Early Recovery Support

When you attend our drug rehab near Chula Vista, we offer a plethora of therapeutic options with some of the best counselors in and around the greater San Diego area. In certain cases, pharmaceutical therapy is required in addition to various forms of talk therapy. Our medication-assisted treatment program acts as a support pillar during your regimen of drug addiction counseling.

What is medication-assisted treatment? Not to confuse with medically-assisted detox, this form of treatment includes offering clients various prescription items to help them manage the murky path of detoxification without having the burden of physical withdrawal. Certain substances like opioids, alcohol, and benzodiazepines cause severe physical discomfort, and often life-threatening side effects during the detoxification period.

Typically, treatment centers prescribe medications like Suboxone, Vivitrol, Antabuse, and Naltrexone during drug rehab to stave off the symptoms/cravings of withdrawal. At our drug rehab facility, we begin clients on a regimen, where they’re closely monitored for any side effects. Many of these medications require an induction period to ensure they don’t cause any harmful side effects.

The goal is to make this form of therapy at our treatment centers a short-term regimen. However, in severe cases, clients may continue engaging in medication-assisted treatment through a primary care physician with our recommendation.

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Drug Rehab Chula Vista Services and Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

Many of our clients near San Diego and Chula Vista, CA experience what’s known as a co-occurring disorder. Studies are proving that this condition is present more often than not in cases of severe drug abuse. In the past decade, many drug and alcohol rehab centers have ramped up their efforts when it comes to dual diagnosis care. At South Shores, we consider ourselves ahead of the curve.

We offer dual diagnosis treatment at the inpatient level, along with a partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, and outpatient services as well.

Dual diagnosis is the most effective form of care at our treatment center for clients who show signs (or have officially been diagnosed) of a drug abuse disorder and mental health condition. This can include any drug or substance of choice mixed with a range of conditions from PTSD to anorexia. Mental health challenges and substance use are often closely related, and it can take a period of abstinence from substances to determine what the most effective ongoing forms of support will be.

For most clients, their drug or choice masks the impact of the mental health condition, giving them a false sense that the drug is a remedy for their disorder. In reality, this only further complicates the situation, and the client gets caught in an endless cycle of addiction.

Several components make up dual diagnosis treatment, as there is no concrete outline that characterizes this type of therapy. Instead, dual diagnosis is made up of a mix of various evidence-based options like trauma-informed therapy, CBT, DBT, holistic, and group therapies.

The Convenience of Our Dana Point Treatment Programs

Insurance Coverage at dana point treatment center

Residents of Chula Vista, CA seeking drug and alcohol rehab centers commonly inquire about funding and insurance coverage at our treatment center. This is one of the most attractive elements of our Dana Point location when it comes to the financial side of recovery.

We work with multiple insurance agencies as an in-network partner to provide you with the most comprehensive form of treatment for the lowest out-of-pocket costs. Some of the primary agencies we partner with include:

This is just a fraction of the list of agencies we partner with. If you have questions regarding the level of coverage available to you based on your plan, or to find out if we work as an in-network partner with your provider, contact us directly and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Helping San Diego and Chula Vista, CA Service Members

If you’re familiar with San Diego and Chula Vista, CA, you’re probably aware of the significant military population here as a result of the Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton. Many active duty service members are stationed on base – however, there is a large number of higher-ranking veterans who live off base in the Chula Vista, CA area.

We provide a convenient source of therapy for active duty service members who live in Chula Vista, CA, or feel that they need enhanced assistance beyond their options on-base. In addition, we work with nearly every insurance agency involved with active duty and retired veterans, making the financial side of treatment transparent and stress-free.

In addition to the conveniences mentioned above, the Chula Vista, CA area is home to many post-treatment activities to help keep you focused on recovery long after you exit treatment.

Post-Treatment Sober Activities to Enjoy in Chula Vista, CA

12 Step Meetings

One of the most ideal ways to spend your time post-treatment is attending one or multiple types of peer group meetings. Here are a few AA and NA meeting listings available to residents in the area.

12 Step Meetings in the Chula Vista Area

52 Card Pickup Group
1465 East Madison Avenue, El Cajon, CA, 92019

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7 am 7 am 7 am 7 am 7 am 7 am

Twiggs Coffeehouse
4590 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA, 92138

Sunday 6:15 pm Spiritual Freedom Group Literature Study, Non-Smoking Open
Monday 9:00 am Here & Now Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking Open
Tuesday 9:00 am Here & Now Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking Open
Wednesday 9:00 am Here & Now Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking Open
Thursday 9:00 am Here & Now Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking Open
Thursday 6:30 pm Old Timers Speakers Group Non-Smoking, Speaker Open
Friday 9:00 am Here & Now Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking Open
Saturday 5:00 pm Saturday Night Countdown Group Topic Open

Christ United Methodist Church
3295 Meade Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92116

Monday 4:00 pm The Wall Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking, Topic Open
Tuesday 4:00 pm The Wall Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking, Topic Open
Wednesday 4:00 pm The Wall Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking, Topic Open
Thursday 4:00 pm The Wall Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking, Topic Open
Thursday 4:00 pm The Wall Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking, Topic Open
Friday 4:00 pm The Wall Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking, Topic Open

Recreational activities are also an excellent way to engage yourself during recovery and enjoy alternative pastimes that don’t include drugs or alcohol.

Chula Vista Recreational Activities

1. Rice Canyon Trail.
S Rancho Del Rey Pkwy, Chula Vista, CA 91910

This beautifully maintained trail in San Diego County is excellent for bike rides or other cardiac activity.

2. California Motorsport Adventours

This organization hosts exciting ATV rides throughout the most scenic areas of the Chula Vista and San Diego areas.

3. Living Coast Discovery Center
1000 Gunpowder Point Dr, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Open to the public wildlife refuge in Chula Vista that offers stunning views and interaction with aquatic life.

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Experience Effective Recovery Support at South Shores

With an ideal location open to any residents of the Chula Vista and San Diego areas, South Shores Recovery is an ideal location to experience recovery. Our top-tier facility embodies elements of luxury and privacy as you benefit from holistic and evidence-based healing options combined with five-star nutrition plans and living arrangements.

For more information on how we can help you start your journey, contact a member of our admissions team today. All calls are confidential, so please reach out today for support!