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Drug or alcohol addiction in relationships usually progresses to the point that loved ones feel compelled to bring up the subject with the pair in question. The tranquil and peaceful environment of South Shores Recovery in Orange County, where couples in treatment can receive world-class drug or alcohol addiction treatment and counseling, is crucial in reducing the risk of relapse for both partners.

Those in a relationship where one or both partners suffers from alcohol addiction or substance use disorder are often the first to recognize the damage their behavior is doing to their relationship and their ability to fulfill their responsibilities. Problems arise when both partners in a marriage or committed relationship are ensnared by an unhealthy alcohol and drug addiction.

But even worse, chronic substance abuse problems within a marriage can lead to tragic outcomes, including domestic violence, separation, and instability within the family, as well as legal issues.

If you’re looking for couples rehab Orange County services, South Shores Recovery has one of the most comprehensive programs in the nation. The following article provides a run-down of our couples’ treatment regimen, so keep reading to find a foundation for you both to recover!

Couples Rehab and Addiction Treatment Program In Orange County

Addiction Treatment Program In Orange County

Addiction is on the rise, and more and more married couples are finding they need help for their habit. When a couple is struggling with substance abuse, it can be helpful for them to go through treatment together rather than undergo separate care. Those who enter treatment for addiction as a couple have the unique opportunity to work together toward the shared goal of a healthy, clean future.

At South Shores Recovery, we offer behavioral couples therapy as part of our couples rehab program.

South Shore Recovery’s leading couples rehab programs for couples offer a well-thought-out strategy for simultaneous treatment. When both people in a relationship decide to get help, they form a stronger bond based on a common commitment to health and the shared goal of a full and happy recovery. Through behavioral couples therapy, spouses or partners can learn to work together towards the common goal of recovery and successfully complete drug rehab.

Our couples rehab teaches those who successfully detox and enter recovery how to work together to overcome the issues that have been fueling their addiction. Couples in recovery are each other’s primary sources of support, so they can watch one other’s back and keep each other honest.

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Experienced Orange County Couples Rehab Specialists

South Shore Recovery’s couples rehab therapists and medical personnel have spent a great deal of time and energy crafting our treatment plan. Our methods are derived from observations made at our treatment facilities.

Through this approach, we’ve been able to tailor our recovery programs to each individual couple, ensuring that their efforts are being presented in the most effective light possible. Ultimately, the goal our couples rehab program is for both partners to kick their addictions and begin living a healthier lifestyle together.

You and your spouse will return home from drug and alcohol abuse treatment with a deeper understanding of each other and a renewed commitment to your relationship. In the long-term sober relationship you share, you’ll develop and maintain characteristics like deeper bonding, tolerance, and mutual support.

The Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment for Partners

When a person’s ability to maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships is disrupted by addiction, treatment should always center on the acquisition of new recovery skills. The development of such abilities serves a dual purpose: first, as a means to strengthen the partnership itself, and second, as a means to strengthen the bond between the two partners. Addiction is linked to a rise in family conflict. There is obvious hostility as a result of this conflict. Substance misuse has repercussions not only on the user but on the rest of the household as well.

Paranoia, illogical thinking, delusional notions, and other forms of cognitive distortion are common among those who habitually engage in excessive drug or alcohol use. Addiction has been linked to rising rates of violence, particularly domestic violence. Our seasoned counselors are trained to help couples learn to communicate more effectively and decrease the strain of difficult times by instructing them in peaceful ways to settle their differences.

What Can I Expect from Couples Addiction Therapy?

Alcoholics Anonymous

When a couple enters drug treatment, they will both participate in individual and group psychotherapy. The South Shore Recovery couples program incorporates both individual and group therapy sessions. The program could also incorporate the 12 Step philosophy used by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Others might incorporate holistic aspects instead. It is expected that present mental health difficulties, such as trauma and abuse, will be brought to light during therapy sessions. Finding and treating the underlying causes of addiction is crucial for recovery.

One or both partners may have symptoms of a mental health condition at the same time. Each of you and your spouse may be dealing with a unique set of emotional issues, and our programs are tailored to address all of them. Rehabilitating as a pair helps establish healthy habits and creates a solid framework for future success.

Strengthening Resilience

When a couple uses South Shores Recovery, they are introduced to a variety of helpful coping mechanisms and resources that may be utilized both during and after their recovery. Both the recovery process as a whole and the sober and healthy lifestyle that follows can benefit from learning to better understand and manage each other’s problems and conflicts. Some of the most helpful methods that our patients have benefited from are:

Calming and Mindfulness Practice

Many experts in the field believe that stress is the greatest threat to long-term sobriety because it is the most commonly observed reason that promotes relapse. Yoga, guided meditation, deep breathing exercises, and massage therapy are just some of the stress-reduction methods that can help couples learn to manage their stress levels together. Relapse can only be prevented by reducing stress, and this is always the case if it is done successfully.

Controlling Your Anger

Anger Management

Anger and heightened emotions are exacerbated by substance abuse. This is very important because domestic violence and verbal abuse often start with anger. Substance or drug abuse is common in instances of domestic violence, be it verbal, physical, or emotional. Both members in a partnership go through therapy together and acquire new techniques for dealing with negative feelings. Choosing this path instead of going straight to violence or animosity is the best alternative.

Better Communication

Undoubtedly helpful to both parties, learning how to communicate sentiments or concerns more effectively and in a non-confrontational manner is a skill worth cultivating in any relationship. Improving one’s communication skills requires becoming aware of the significance of seemingly inconsequential actions, such as making eye contact and nodding your head in agreement. Incorporating these nuanced points into conversations helps strengthen bonds between partners. Researchers found that couples who learned to communicate more efficiently with one another had a more positive relationship.

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What If I Need Detox First?

Detox is the first step toward recovery from any kind of alcohol or drug addiction, especially those that can cause physical withdrawal symptoms. Having a spouse or significant other at your side during detox can make what can be a terrifying and difficult process a little less so.

South Shores Recovery can offer you and your spouse medical detox options. The combination of the physical proximity of your partner and the emotional support provided by the programs is intended to facilitate a more rapid and complete recovery from the disease. We tap into the restorative power of love to help you and the one you care about most create a more secure and satisfying future.

Couples' Drug Rehab Programs that Operate in the Community

It’s not easy for people in Orange County to find a reliable facility for couples treatment, especially if one or both partners needs to maintain their current routines such as work or school. Addiction can make it seem like everything has stopped, but the rest of the world continues on as if nothing has changed, and you’ll only end up behind more if you stay away from it for too long. If you’re looking for ‘couples rehab near me’ in Orange County, or even couples rehab Santa Ana services, the results can vary widely.

With the programs available at South Shores, our approach is based on you and your partner, and takes into accounts your unique needs as individuals and as a couple. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs always aim to treat the underlying causes the lead to ongoing use and often result in relapse if not addressed.

With this in mind, we’ve designed a special Orange County-based outpatient couples addiction treatment program specifically for spouses and partners who need drug treatment together. Because our program is designed for couples to participate separately, you and your partner will be able to maintain your current responsibilities as parents, job, and wage earners, all while benefiting from our comprehensive rehabilitation services.

Addiction Treatment for Married Individuals at a Residential Facility

Inpatient Drug Rehab for Couple

Our inpatient drug rehab for couples is based on the premise that a change of environment may do wonders in the healing process of addiction. Without the temptations and dangers of the outside world, our inpatient drug rehab allows couples to give their full attention to healing.

You may receive the support you need quickly and easily by calling to learn more about inpatient drug recovery programs for couples. Do not wait any longer to start living the life you and your loved one need and deserve; contact us right away.

Counselors in Orange County for Substance Abuse

It’s not easy for people living in the Orange County area to locate a trustworthy facility offering couples treatment for substance abuse. Imagine you want to mend not just your addiction but also your relationship. In that scenario, you and your partner should seek out a therapist for addiction who is sensitive to your individual needs and aware of the devastating effects addiction can have on relationships.

Our therapists are trained on a trauma-informed model endorsed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and work with clients from all backgrounds effectively.

Effective treatment for addiction is an essential element of recovery. To get the best results, you need to collaborate with skilled experts who are also empathetic and kind. This level of specialized knowledge and skill can make all the difference in the world, giving you and your spouse the clean slate you need to start mending your relationship.

Orange County Couples Treatment Centers

Orange County Couples Treatment Centers

There’s no reason to search any further than our fantastic setting in Orange County, just two miles from the renowned shores of Southern California. You can reach out to an admissions counselor at South Shores Recovery right away to get started on an evaluation for yourself and your loved one.

An admissions counselor will talk to you and your partner about the various alternatives for addiction treatment that are accessible to you. They can also help you with the application process by answering your questions, resolving any problems you’re having, and guiding you through each step.

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A Primary Step Towards Addiction Recovery

Those who have never been through something like this before may find it difficult to choose a reliable Orange County couple’s rehab center. If you or your partner are completely unfamiliar with drug addiction and dependency, you may be at a loss as to where to start or what to look for in terms of treatment options.

Making the initial move can feel like an insurmountable obstacle when you’re juggling the stresses of addiction and relationship worries. Nonetheless, we urge you to get assistance without delay because the sooner you do, the sooner you may begin the healing process.

We urge you to pick up the phone right now and start the first step toward recovery from addiction. We have compassionate counselors standing by to talk to you about the benefits of couples rehab and how it may be able to save your relationship or marriage if you give us a call. Don’t give up hope no matter how bad things look; instead, call us today and get options!

Effective Couples Addiction Treatment is Found Here

Now that you know what we offer, we encourage you to take the next step. To find out how we can help you and your spouse enjoy a long-lasting relationship with recovery as a center-piece, contact our Admissions team today for a confidential consultation!