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First Health Drug Rehab Coverage

Get Rehab Covered at South Shores Using First Health Insurance

Winning the battle against substance abuse is a challenge that requires willpower, dedication, and a collaborative effort between the client and their treatment team. With a significant amount of Americans currently suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, it’s important to have sources of funding for future clients to attend inpatient treatment or outpatient rehab. For those with First Health insurance, knowing the details of First Health drug rehab and alcohol rehab coverage is absolutely essential!

If you or your loved ones are covered by First Health Insurance and seeking support to attend treatment, you have found the right resource!

South Shores Detox and Recovery has been a longstanding pillar of strength in California, and the United States as a whole – welcoming clients from all walks of life, and providing support in the form of inpatient treatment, residential, and outpatient rehab.

Continue reading for more information on our treatment center and how First Health Network can provide you with the coverage you need to tackle your substance abuse challenges once and for all.

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First Health Network Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse

Navigating the confusing landscape of insurance providers can be overwhelming. There are multiple forms to fill out, rules of all types including language like deductibles, in-network providers, copayments, prior authorization forms, and other jargon. In addition, once your coverage ends it’s right back to the beginning, with many agencies implementing rule changes as each year passes.

At South Shores Detox and Recovery, we believe the only thing that should be on your mind is choosing the elements that make up your personalized treatment program and getting to know your treatment team.

First Health Insurance and Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment

First Health Insurance coverage foots the bill for outpatient treatment along with inpatient options. Luckily, this organization has in-network providers in all 50 states – including here at South Shores Detox and Recovery in California. Incredibly, over 90% of Americans live within 15-25 miles of an in-network provider! Keep in mind, that South Shores Detox and Recovery is always inviting out-of-state clients to come recover with us.

Contact South Shores Detox and Recovery if you’re unsure about the specifics of your plan. We’ll be more than happy to go through the details with you and help you obtain the information you need to understand your coverage levels and out-of-pocket expenses.

Using Insurance Coverage Benefits for the Programs at South Shores

At South Shores Recovery and Detox, we welcome all insurance plans through First Health. Understanding the specifics of your insurance coverage for addiction treatment can be frustrating. Attempting to decipher what’s covered during detox, residential, partial hospitalization, and other forms of treatment can be overwhelming and intimidating, causing many clients to give up and throw in the towel.

Our dedication to our clients is unwavering – and we aren’t satisfied until all of your intake information is complete and you understand the specifics of your plan 100%.

How Does the Process Work?

Preferred Provider Organization

First Health is a PPO, or Preferred Provider Organization. This means that customers can visit any local sponsored facility. The insurance provider covers outpatient treatment and other addiction therapy – this includes medication-assisted treatment and other care levels.

Your specific policy might pay for 5 outpatient sessions per year, in addition to the cost of your medication-assisted treatment. It’s also possible that it covers a specific number of inpatient treatment days.

Should It Always Be In-Network?

First Health Network provides funding for behavioral health and substance use disorders. The total amount depends on your plan and the service provider, and whether they’re in or out-of-network.

With South Shores Detox and Recovery, you never have to worry about paying out-of-network fees when using First Health. We’re an in-network provider, so there’s never any additional out-of-pocket expenses for non-network facilities.

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First Health Network for Our Detox Treatment Program

If you’re looking for a treatment center for medically-assisted detox, South Shores Detox and Recovery offers a comprehensive program. If your First health Insurance plan covers detox, there may be a deductible involved.

This means that your plan covers your share after spending a set number for out-of-pocket expenses. You must have already reached your deductible – our call center experts can help you to understand just that.

First Health Insurance for Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient Rehab Programs

You may be required to pay a minimal amount of out-of-pocket costs for inpatient treatment. For many of those participating in in residential rehab or drug and alcohol detoxification, these costs include group therapy, daily. talk therapy, clinical/physician support, and additional medication that’s essential for your recovery. All of this is usually covered by First Health, especially when medication is involved.

Your insurance plan provides the specifics of any cost involving providers within your primary network. We strongly encourage you to contact a member of our team at South Shores Detox and Recovery to get a more specific idea of what fees you may incur before addiction treatment for drug and alcohol use disorder.

Additional Coverages During Addiction Treatment by First Health

During drug rehab, you’ll undergo certain charges related to your addiction treatment process. When undergoing rehab treatment, these additional expenses include any medication you’re prescribed, diagnostic work, clinical evals, and other lab work that doctors might require as part of your personalized drug rehab plan.

First Health for Mental Health Treatment

Mental health treatment is covered by First Health – as a standalone treatment or combined with substance abuse drug rehab. Many clients who suffer from mental health disorders turn to drugs and alcohol to combat the psychological challenges associated with these disorders.

Because insurance companies legally aren’t allowed to pick and choose between what type of disorders they provide coverage for, they must at least partially pay for any type of mental health or substance abuse treatment recommended.

Many South Shores Detox and Recovery clients come to us with co-occurring disorders. This means there’s a presence of substance abuse and mental health disorders simultaneously. Our dual-diagnosis program helps clients get to the root of their addiction by proactively treating both disorders together with talk therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and other behavioral remedies.

The South Shores Detox and Recovery Promise

Detox and Recovery Promise

At South Shores Detox and Recovery, we provide the highest quality drug rehab experience in California and surrounding areas. Our addiction treatment centers combine an experienced, compassionate staff to give our clients a high success rate, helping them to avoid the chances of relapse through awareness and the proper therapeutic modalities for mental health and substance abuse challenges. We also offer post-treatment options – some of which may be covered by your First Health Insurance plan.

Any questions regarding your First Health insurance plan should be directed to our admissions and call center staff. We work directly with your provider to help you get the services you need.

Our long-standing relationship with First Health makes the process much smoother, avoiding any of the normal hangups and long, drawn-out processes that many addiction treatment clients contend with. Stop prolonging your recovery! Contact our admissions team today!

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FAQs on First Health Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Does First Health Insurance cover all of my drug and alcohol rehab?

First Health network is guaranteed to at least cover a portion of your treatment. They work closely with Medicaid recipients – in which case most or all of the coverage for drug rehab is provided by First Health – with little to no cost to you.

However, coverages for rehab treatment vary depending on your specific plan. Contact South Shores Detox and Recovery for more concrete information.

Does First Health only cover inpatient drug and alcohol rehab?

No – in fact, First Health Network provides coverage for every level of care we offer. This includes intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and other bridge forms of treatment. Again, specific coverage amounts vary, and the length of your stay may also impact the amount of coverage you receive.

If I have Medicaid what are my costs?

Medicaid Costs

If you have First Health network as a Medicaid recipient, your costs are usually fully covered by First Health, but may not be accepted at as many facilities as a private policy. Your options may be limited to a certain amount of time or care levels.

However, it’s always possible to get additional coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace and the proactive use of prior authorization forms.

If we provide your insurance agent with proof that certain treatment programs are necessary for a full recovery, it’s possible to get funding beyond your normal insurance plans.

How many days of inpatient treatment does First Health cover?

Our normal times for inpatient treatment are 30, 60, and 90 days. The most common stay at our inpatient treatment center is 30 days. In some cases, additional coverage is provided if it’s deemed necessary by your treatment team in coordination with your insurance provider.

South Shores Detox and Recovery can help you find out how long your health insurance covers inpatient recovery and obtain answers to other insurance coverage questions.