Drug Detox Programs

Effective Methods for Drug Detoxification

Drug detox programs are the foundation of recovering from substance use disorder. SUD is consistently becoming a common disorder. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics over 90,000 deaths, annually, are caused by drug overuse in the US. It is essential to take steps towards timely recovery to regain control of your life and turn it around.

What is Drug Detox?

Overcoming addiction begins with detox. Drug detox is the process of cleaning out an unwanted substance from the body. It is considered the first step to the road of recovery. Drug detox leads to withdrawal and drug detox programs are designed to cater to individualized needs. It is done to manage the withdrawal symptoms and to help the client in the process of overcoming their substance use disorder.

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What are the Side Effects of Drug Detox?

The overuse of substances brings about change in the human brain and going through a drug detox program results in facing withdrawal. Since the body stops receiving the drugs it has become habitual of, it starts showing symptoms that could be dangerous. There are several drugs that cause withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal is one of the side effects of going through a drug detox program. The brain needs a chemical balance to run smoothly and excess of a particular chemical creates an imbalance in the brain. Once the user stops taking the substance, the brain, which is now habitual of a particular drug, loses its balance yet again. The body and brain have to go through some pain and discomfort to get back on track. Hence the user goes through several draining physical and mental side effects of a drug detox program.

Physical Side Effects of Drug Detox Program

In the process of removing a substance naturally, the human body faces some physical side effects. This is because the body has a new normal where it depends on the addicting substance to function normally. Cramping, fatigue, fever, diarrhea, insomnia are the most common physical side effects. There are many more depending on the drugs used.

Mental Side Effects of Drug Detox Program

The human mind is under a lot of stress when it’s getting rid of chemical toxins and unwanted drugs from the body. It is only natural to believe that the journey could be traumatic, not to mention, mentally exhausting. It is quite common for the client to go through depression and have suicidal thoughts. It is of utmost importance to be around a good team of professionals during these dangerous and unpredictable circumstances.

Features of a Reputable Detox Center

Going through a life-changing experience requires assistance from a drug detox program that you can fully trust. With a large variety of rehabs and detox centers located in Orange County, it is essential to be aware of a reputable detox center that can help you in every way and provide satisfactory results. There are some qualities that make a place worthy of admission.

1. An efficient team of qualified personnel

Being in the most vulnerable position requires being around a sound professional team that is aware of every possible hindrance and knows how to manage these situations. The doctors, nurses, and therapists should be highly qualified and experienced in their particular fields to assist in the best way possible. It is important to feel safe and to not feel isolated, being surrounded by a compassionate team of professionals is the best thing an efficient drug detox program can offer

2. Provides complete recovery plan with rehabilitation services

Detox is just the first step to a long recovery. A good detox center would provide a thorough plan from the first step of detoxification to rehabilitation and therapy, to move on with life. Quitting drugs requires discipline and dedication, choosing a center with a long plan and emphasis on the mental health of the client, will be relatively easy to go through a hard process.

3. A medical setting for comfortable residency

A detox center must not be a confined space keeping its clients in an unhygienic and restrictive environment. The facility must be welcoming and provide amenities to keep the mind and body active. The center management must understand the mental stress that a person with substance use disorder goes through and work tirelessly on proving an effective environment that has a positive impact on recovery.

4. Tailored drug detox programs for every individual’s needs.

Choosing the right detox center means everything for recovery. Being aware of the treatment plans and the customizations offered will help understand if the particular center is a right fit. Every individual goes through a different experience when it comes to drug detox. The center must be able to not just understand but also manage the different paradigms of every client’s needs. Well-versed management will offer treatment tailored and designed to accommodate every individual.

Different Types of Detox

According to NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), there are various types of treatments available for recovering from SUDs.

‘Cold Turkey’ Detox

A ‘natural’ drug detox occurs when an individual suddenly stops the intake of drugs they had become dependent on. Suddenly stopping leads to a number of problems and can be fatal. If asked, “Is cold turkey detox dangerous?” the answer would always be YES! It is potentially harmful to go for this method without any professional help or assistance.
Ridding the body of drugs requires one to go through extremities that may have an impact on their new regimen resulting in slipping back to old habits. Not having the regular drugs in the system puts the brain in overdrive to regain that chemical high which often ends up with overdosage.
Detoxification requires support and going through a natural detox, mostly done by individuals alone can cause serious issues. The risks of an at-home detox are serious and should be analyzed thoroughly before taking this step.
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Medically Supervised Detox

The safer and more logical option is a medically supervised detox offered by most drug detox programs. Every program is designed to cater to the needs of individuals and the possible symptoms they may face during the process of detoxification.
As the term suggests, this type of detoxification involves professionals assisting medically. They provide medicines and therapy to help in controlling the withdrawal symptoms and achieve potential recovery. Withdrawal symptoms can be mild to severe depending on the drug used, how long it was used for, and also the physical and mental condition of the user.

Symptoms from the likes of seizures and delirium tremens to most common like body aches and anxiety are considered as potential withdrawal symptoms before starting treatment. A study by the Recovery Research Institute shows detoxification with medication was a major factor in a successful drug detox

Process of Detoxification

Most drug detox programs have the same process of detoxification.

1. Admissions and Evaluations

Once the client is ready to take a step in this difficult but gratifying new journey, they must choose a drug detox program they feel best suits them. The medical team will then start their process of evaluation. Every aspect of the individual’s health is taken into account along with their history of substance use.

2. Medical Support

After the process of evaluations, the clinical team will start medication at a steady pace to best accommodate the client. They are provided support and are made to feel safe in the environment. Constant moral support and checks on mental health help in providing the best care during the drug detox program.

3. Rehabilitation and Additional Support

Detox is only the beginning, after going through the potential withdrawal symptoms, the client is provided with resources to go through rehabilitation. Many individuals suffering from SUD have had their lives altered, they need continuous guidance and therapy to live their life with a healthy mindset. A potential lifelong recovery requires determination and dedication which is only dependent upon the individual’s take on how they want to live their life moving on from this trial.

How Long Does Drug Detox Last?

The duration of drug detox depends highly on the drugs one is detoxifying from. While some individuals may be using one drug, others might be using multiple. The duration of the drug usage is also a major factor plus the age and physical and mental health of the user.
For a general understanding, a drug detox program might last several days to weeks, not to forget additional therapy required to continue with the potential recovery. Every detoxification process is different and depends on how motivated and determined the individual is to find a solution to their SUD.
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Finding a Detox Center Nearby

A person going through SUD must get themselves admitted to a drug detox center as soon as they have quit substance in order to get the best care.

South Shores Detox and Recovery provides an extensive drug detox program that is affordable and client-centric. They provide consistent medical attention to the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the client. South Shores not only gives diagnoses and treatments for several drugs but also provides different levels of care including Residential Treatments and Long Term Rehab. Their plans are personalized to the clients’ needs and they work closely with them towards recovery.