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Choosing South Shores Detox for Early Recovery Support

For many who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, the first step in substance abuse treatment is a simple admission into one of many addiction treatment programs – typically either inpatient rehab or a variant of outpatient therapy. However, for a fairly large percentage of those seeking addiction treatment, the first steps to recovery include a stay at a detox centers in Orange County.

For those whose drug of choice doesn’t manifest physical withdrawal symptoms, the idea of detox as part of substance abuse or mental health treatment in Orange County might be a foreign concept. But for those who have struggled with these demons without the help of a professional team – the reality of the struggle of detox and withdrawal is all too common.

If you or someone you care about is struggling through withdrawals, we are here to help.

South Shores Detox provides a comprehensive program for the early stages of drug and alcohol addiction cases that require detoxification. In this article, you’ll learn about the need for a medical detox in Orange County, along with the importance of offering these programs as a first step for certain substance abuse challenges.

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What Is Detox?

You’ll probably hear most people use the term “detox” to describe the detoxification program of drug addiction treatment centers. While detox is technically taking place, the term describes the actual physical act of detoxification one goes through during the early stages of recovery.

As you progress through the stages of drug addiction, eventually your body becomes physically dependent on certain substances. When you suddenly abstain from these drugs, your body goes into what’s known as withdrawal. Withdrawal is a severe side effect of the detox process, causing intense symptoms for a period of approximately one week to several months.

Some of the most commonly abused substances in Orange County that require medical detox at our treatment center include:

Opioid Detox in Orange County at South Shores

Opioid Detox

Opioids almost always require a stint in medical detox. During your time at the addiction treatment’s medically-assisted detox, you’ll be given certain prescription and over-the-counter medications to help counteract the most intense symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

Because opioids bind to the receptors in the brain and cause an intense release of serotonin and other chemicals, the body arrives at a point where it can no longer achieve these same production levels without opioids. During detox at our substance abuse treatment facility, most of the medications include remedies for high blood pressure, nausea and stomach cramps, anxiety, and depression.

The withdrawal period for opioids is usually around one to two weeks. After going through the worst portion of the detox period, most treatment centers have a spot prepared for the client to undergo 30, or 90 days in substance abuse therapies.

South Shores offers a range of step-down Orange County rehab programs to provide clients with ample support following detox.

Opioid withdrawals usually aren’t fatal, but they’re extremely painful. A client’s chances of recovery are much higher by opting to participate in medical detox prior to drug rehab.

Alcohol Detox in Orange County: Our Programs

Opioids and alcohol are the two most common substances that require detox prior to addiction treatment in Orange County. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that the withdrawal from alcohol addiction can be fatal if not properly treated.

When an individual who has been drinking heavily begins the withdrawal period from alcohol, they often go through what is known as “DTs” or Delirium Tremens. This is accompanied by shaking, and delusions, and potentially leads to seizures. Most fatalities as a result of alcohol detox are associated with this condition.

Aside from this, undergoing detox at South Shores’ treatment centers in Orange County for alcohol can help provide relief from some of the milder symptoms. These include vomiting, sweating, cold chills, anxiety, and intense cravings. Normally the alcohol withdrawal period lasts around 5-7 days, upon which clients transfer to the inpatient portion of addiction treatment.

Benzo Detox In Orange County

Benzo Detox In Orange County

Benzodiazepines, otherwise known as benzos, are a type of prescription drug administered for anxiety. These medications include Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, and other similar medications. Treatment centers are almost mandatory for benzo withdrawal, as the detox period is potentially fatal.

Benzo withdrawal leads to severe seizures in some cases – which is normally the leading cause of death. The withdrawal period for benzos is normally between 2 weeks and 1 month, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Now that you have a better understanding of detox within the setting of our Orange County alcohol and drug rehab, let’s take a look at some of the primary benefits, and why it’s important to detox before continuing to residential treatment.

The Importance of Detox In Orange County

Despite the fact that the majority of the education and mental health treatment is provided during the inpatient or outpatient portion of substance abuse treatment, detox is one of the most important steps of recovery.

What makes detox so imperative and why can’t you just go directly to therapy at our Orange County treatment center?

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Health Risks Addressed During Detox

The detox process poses significant health risks – making it nearly impossible to accommodate a client among the general population at a treatment center. There is a significant chance that a client could potentially experience a serious medical ordeal during withdrawal. This has a negative impact on the individual detoxing and other clients enrolled in the treatment center.

When you’re in a treatment center, it’s important that you’re able to stay focused on recovery and healing from underlying mental health disorders. Even exposure to someone else going through withdrawal could be triggering to other clients, or cause a disruption in their therapy.

Medical Supervision and Monitoring

Most importantly, it’s not a safe environment for you to detox in, as the medical staff isn’t as equipped as the staff in the detox section. While nurses are still available in the inpatient treatment center area, detox provides a more comprehensive atmosphere that’s conducive to pain relief and physical healing.

Doctors and nurses monitor you around the clock, ensuring your vital signs are stable and you don’t experience severe dehydration. Dehydration is one of the most damaging aspects of detox. As your body quickly eliminates fluids, it’s difficult to keep down replacements or anything nourishing.

Hydration is normally obtained through an IV line, giving the client what they need to remain free from any major health challenges. In addition, if further complications arise, the staff on hand is at the ready to mitigate the situation.

A Restful Environment

Restful Environment

One of the most intense side effects of withdrawal from any other substances mentioned above is the lack of sleep. Benzos and opioids specifically trigger difficulties sleeping, mostly due to the onset of restless leg syndrome.

During drug and alcohol detox, most people toss and turn all night, unable to get any restful sleep for at least a week or two. However, during drug or alcohol detox at our treatment center in Orange County, you’ll receive specific medication to relieve the restless legs and arms – and options that help you free from muscle aches.

Avoiding Relapse Due to Cravings

Opting for detoxification not only prepares you for inpatient treatment centers in Orange County but also helps you avoid the challenges of an early relapse. The withdrawal period is when most users who are attempting recovery end up relapsing.

The pain and discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms become too much. Exposed, and not under the watchful eye of professional staff members, it becomes too easy to sneak out and score a bag to relieve their pain.

At our detox centers in Orange County, the facilities are watched constantly, making it nearly impossible for clients to wander off-ground during their treatment.

Mentally Preparing for Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment Programs

During medical detox, clients start becoming mentally prepared for the next phase of their treatment. And while the level of therapy for any mental health disorders or in-depth methods for addiction aren’t taken on during detox, there’s still time available with a counselor.

This allows the client plenty of time to heal physically while transitioning and adjusting mentally before being placed directly in a new environment. Having time to acclimate to new surroundings can make a significant difference in the potential success of any client during any variation of treatment.

More Time to Craft a Personalized Treatment Plan

Intensive Outpatient Program

Because there is additional time before inpatient, intensive outpatient program, or standard outpatient begins – albeit minimal – clients have additional time to craft and make adjustments to their personalized treatment plan. This is helpful, especially considering the individual who exists one week into detox is not the same person who went through the admissions process.

You could potentially have a completely new outlook on life – or be prepared to take on a new form of therapy that you initially rejected. This is likely to include family therapy, as you begin to feel better it’s possible your willingness to open up to loved ones increases.

Alternatives to Medical Detox In Orange County

Although not necessarily recommended – there are alternatives to medical detox in Orange County, CA. You might even know people who have experienced successful recovery by choosing an alternative method. However, this isn’t the majority – and it’s highly recommended you opt for medical detox for drug and alcohol withdrawal.

That said, the following list contains other alternative detoxification strategies.

  • At-home Suboxone taper. Many people who use opioids attempt to complete an at-home Suboxone taper to avoid the painful symptoms of withdrawal. And while this may provide relief (if administered properly) a huge risk exists for the user to experience precipitated withdrawals. This takes place when the Suboxone is ingested too early without the elimination of opioids from the system.

What takes place is a rapid development and full impact of withdrawal symptoms all at once. The physical result is extremely painful, and there’s little to nothing the user can do to curb the discomfort. In addition, at-home Suboxone tapers can lead to further addiction to buprenorphine, further complicating an already dangerous situation.

  • Cold Turkey Detox. Going through detox cold turkey is one of the most dangerous gambles one can make. An Orange County detox in a professional environment is far safer, from a mental and physical standpoint. However, the first, and primary concern should be stabilizing physically. After the physical woes are eliminated, one can focus on the mental healing of recovery.

Deciding against detox in Orange County, CA can lead to additional complications, including spikes in blood pressure, rapid heart rate, intense nausea, dehydration, and more. Doctors and nurse staff will help ensure these situations are kept to a minimum.

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Activities to help you maintain recovery

At South Shores Detox, our primary concern is your well-being. Just understand, that the journey isn’t over after detox – it’s not even over after inpatient treatment. Consider the following activities to help you kickstart or maintain recovery, depending on what stage you’re in. All of these are local to Orange County, CA:

  • Visit the Irvine Farmer’s Market or Costa Mesa’s Swap Meet. Both of these have excellent food and other offerings from local artists and crafters. It’s a great place to pick up a hobby.
  • Check out the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. This is an excellent place to spend the day – checking out some of the history of the area.
  • Work on your health by taking the 1,000 Steps Beach in Laguna Beach. This entails walking the length of the extended staircase that leads to the beautiful beaches below from the hills above.

At South Shores Detox, we can help you through the most grueling physical portion of recovery. We’ll be with you the entire time, ensuring you obtain maximum comfort and are able to stay well-rested. Out facility accepts most major insurance providers to help keep your costs to a minimum.

Our staff is your loudest cheerleader – because your success is our success. For more information on our detox programs, contact a member of our Admissions team today!

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FAQs About Detox in Orange County

Can I leave detox whenever I want?

You’re free to leave at any time, as you’re a client at our facility voluntarily. However, we strongly recommend you stay the course and finish the entire duration of medically-assisted detox.

Regardless of how good you feel or the improvement you’ve made – triggers and emotions come rushing back when you’re out in the real world. Remember, addiction is a disease of the mind, and it’s nearly impossible to gauge how it impacts you mentally – especially during the initial stages of recovery. The smallest item even can trigger you – leading even the strongest people directly into relapse.

Can I die during the detox process?

There are documented fatalities as a result of detoxing from benzos and alcohol. Although rare, they have happened in the past under the most extreme circumstances. However, assuming you’re detoxing in our professional treatment center where medical staff is constantly monitoring, you shouldn’t be concerned. This is the point of medical detox – to keep you stable and help you avoid the most dangerous pitfalls of withdrawal.

If you were attempting cold turkey detox, then the situation is entirely different. You put yourself at significant risk of experiencing some additional medical complications. This is especially true during benzo and alcohol detox. The primary cause for concern is the potential for seizures. If you decide to go down this route, please don’t do it alone. Going through detox at home and unsupervised increases the odds of physical harm exponentially.

Is there anything I can take that provides additional relief during detox?

Provides additional relief during detox

When you abuse drugs, your body is severely depleted of many natural vitamins and minerals. Any food products you can stomach that have high amounts of the vitamins you require daily are a great way to boost your overall wellness. In addition, drinking lots of water can help fight off many of the symptoms you experience.

Otherwise, taking things like flax seed, turmeric, and other items – along with a probiotic for your stomach, can do some pretty amazing things for you physically and mentally. We highly recommend staying away from any processed or artificial foods and living as clean as possible.