Drug Rehab Mission Viejo Programs

Drug Rehab Mission Viejo Programs

Get Proven Support Convenient to Mission Viejo at South Shores

During recovery, many of those suffering from substance abuse disorder have no option other than traveling to a residential treatment program. Whether it’s for a lack of drug and alcohol addiction rehabs or a search for higher quality, long-distance travel has become synonymous with substance abuse recovery.

That said, residents in and around Mission Viejo, CA have a unique opportunity to experience top-tier addiction treatment programs. If you’re looking for drug rehab in Mission Viejo, CA, South Shores Recovery offers a comprehensive approach to mental health and addiction treatment that’s only 15 minutes away from Dana Point.

In this article, you’ll learn about the specifics of our treatment center, including the potential advantage of substantially limiting your travel – and even participation in a residential setting – thanks to our individualized treatment plans for our PHP (partial hospitalization) and IOP (intensive outpatient) care levels.

Choosing the Right Level of Care Near Mission Viejo, CA

If you’ve never attended treatment for substance abuse, you might not be familiar with the term “level of care.” Understanding there are various forms of therapy available for addiction treatment and mental health – keep in mind that these therapeutic options don’t always take place in the same setting.

At South Shores Detox, we offer a versatile lineup of options when it comes to the level of intensity during addiction treatment. These varying degrees of intensity are what’s known as “levels of care.”

When most individuals think of drug rehab, they automatically assume that they’re spending 30, 60, or 90 days living in a facility while working on mental health and drug and alcohol addiction challenges. Learn why this isn’t your only option, and how you can still achieve significant results from our treatment center regardless of the level of care.

That said, let’s dive into each variation.

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Inpatient Residential Rehab Programs

This is the form of treatment mentioned above – taking place in windows of 30, 60, and 90 days. Our clients reside at our Orange County facility full-time, attending an intensive regimen of mental health and substance abuse awareness and counseling sessions. These include several types of behavioral treatment, trauma-informed therapy, dual diagnosis, and holistic therapy.

At our facility, clients benefit from our luxury amenities, including private, comfortable, luxury-style rooms with a delicious and healthy diet. Recreational activities beyond standard forms of therapy are also available, in addition to peer group meetings with others in attendance or family members.

In most cases, inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is the go-to option for those traveling out of state or having a particularly severe substance use or alcohol disorder. Clients who have attempted other forms of treatment in the past with little to no success also make ideal candidates.

Outpatient Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient is our level of care that entails about 4-6 hours of counseling each week with clients attending scheduled sessions at the facility. Generally, the sessions only require a two-hour attendance, and participation takes place across 2 or 3 days throughout the week.

This is a lower-intensity form of treatment, most often reserved for those with less severe challenges with mental health, drugs, and alcohol.

Our PHP and IOP programs offer additional support on the outpatient level, and we will take a deep dive into all those programs offer next.

How Can I Receive More Intensive Therapy Without Living at Your Treatment Center?

Intensive Therapy

Many clients pose the question of how to receive intensive therapy at our treatment center without actually living there. This is a relevant inquiry and one that becomes more and more important daily.

Men and women are working now more than ever. With inflation and housing costs at an all-time high, removing yourself from circulation isn’t always feasible. Although the ideal situation would give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in full-scale inpatient treatment – we understand this just isn’t possible for everybody.

The solution exists in our Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs at our treatment center. Both care levels address substance abuse and mental health disorders and are available with or without prior medical detox. You receive care from the same medical professionals from our residential inpatient program, minus the need to stay overnight. Let’s take a deeper look at both of these programs and how they could benefit you.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program for Chula Vista

When most clients hear outpatient treatment, they typically think of a low-intensity form of treatment that only requires a few hours per week. Rarely is this type of therapy associated with those who need emergency behavioral health and addiction treatment. In most cases, outpatient treatment centers are for those who have completed residential inpatient or have marginal use habits when it comes to addictions.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program combines elements from our inpatient level of care (dual diagnosis treatment, trauma-informed care, holistic therapy, etc.) with a more relaxed schedule that allows you to return home in the early afternoon.

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What is the Typical IOP Schedule at South Shores?

During Intensive Outpatient, clients receive an extended schedule that goes from 4-6 hours per week, to instead 10-12 hours. This allows for more time to dedicate to more thorough, in-depth forms of therapy. Clients may also have opportunities to participate in group meetings with peers for further education and awareness regarding addiction.

Intensive Outpatient is ideal for clients who may have obligations outside of treatment that require their presence. Use the following list to decide whether intensive outpatient might be the best option for you:

  • If you’ve completed inpatient treatment and are looking for a bridge between a full return home and residential therapy.
  • If you feel that you need a more intensive form of therapy but have obligations at home or work that prevent you from attending full-time.
  • Clients who live near a treatment center and have reliable transportation.
  • If you feel confident and have a strong support system outside of rehab that will help you remain accountable during recovery.
  • If you’ve attempted outpatient and believe you need a higher level of therapy.

If you’re curious about treatment that’s even more comprehensive than intensive outpatient, our Partial Hospitalization program is available for addiction, mental health disorders, and co-occurring disorders.

Partial Hospitalization Programs at the ‘Shores

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is nearly identical to our inpatient regimen. Clients are required to attend therapy – beginning early in the day (usually 8 AM) and remain at the facility for 8 hours. This is equivalent to an entire day in a residential setting. After the treatment day concludes, clients are permitted to return home in the late afternoon/evening.

One of the primary differences is the lack of weekend treatment. Clients do have the privilege of a Monday-Friday schedule, granting a slightly higher level of freedom than standard inpatient scheduling. Intensive outpatient consists of one or all of the following types of therapy:

Who is the Right Fit for Our PHP Program?

Our PHP program is ideal for clients who wish to attend inpatient or residential but can’t because of prior arrangements in their work or personal lives. If you live within a short distance of our residential treatment center – this includes Mission Viejo, Dana Point, and surrounding areas, the PHP program at South Shores could be the solution you’re looking for.

To find out if you qualify as a good candidate for our PHP program, answer the following questions:

  • Do you have reliable transportation in the mornings and evenings?
  • Do you have a solid support system outside of treatment?
  • Are you confident you can pass a daily drug screen if asked?
  • Can you dedicate the required attention towards recovery while still juggling a work or personal life while in active treatment?
  • Would you find it beneficial to your recovery to remain living at home and to maintain a job while attending treatment?
  • Do you require medical detox and want treatment after but can’t dedicate yourself to inpatient therapy?
  • Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to remain sober?
  • Have you attended a drug or alcohol detox program in the past?

If your substance abuse disorder centers around alcohol, opioids, or benzos, it’s important that you attend detox before starting either of the two forms of treatment mentioned above. The reason for this is because withdrawal symptoms can be detrimental to your long-term recovery.

It’s difficult to focus on treatment and participating in counseling sessions when withdrawal symptoms keep you in constant discomfort or pain.

How Do I Pay for Intensive Outpatient or Partial Hospitalization Programs?

Pay for Intensive Outpatient

If you’re in Southern California near Mission Viejo, Orange County, San Diego, Dana Point, or other areas, and are serious about addiction recovery outside of an inpatient treatment program, you’re probably curious about funding.

At South Shores Recovery, we take most forms of insurance available to Southern California residents. We operate as in-network partners with many of these agencies, lowering your costs even further.

Will My Insurance Pay for All of IOP or PHP?

Mission Viejo, our clients from across Orange County, and residents of other areas close to South Shores often inquire about their insurance provider covering the entire cost of treatment. While we can’t say for sure, as it depends on your specific plan, we encourage you to reach out with any questions you have regarding insurance or finances, and we’ll be more than happy to help you find the solution.

Post-Treatment Sober Support Meetings in Mission Viejo

Many of our clients have questions regarding their time post-treatment. It’s not uncommon for those who have finished therapy for substance abuse to feel nervous or experience a lack of confidence after they finish rehab.

This is normal – and why it’s important to remain proactive about your recovery. AA and NA meetings are a great way to remain engaged with others serious about sobriety.

Mission Viejo has multiple locations available for those looking for support systems after treatment. The following list contains a small portion of these meeting opportunities:

24162 Alicia Parkway
Mission Viejo, CA, 92690

Sunday 6am – 7am Attitude Adjustment Mission Viejo
Tuesday 6am – 7am Attitude Adjustment Mission Viejo
Thursday 6am – 7am Attitude Adjustment Mission Viejo
Saturday 6am – 7am Attitude Adjustment Mission Viejo

19092 Beach Boulevard
Huntington Beach, CA, 92605

Sunday 6am – 7am Early Birds Aka 6 00 Am Group * Wheelchair Access
* Open
Monday 6am – 7am Early Birds Aka 6 00 Am Group * Wheelchair Access
* Open
Tuesday 6am – 7am Early Birds Aka 6 00 Am Group * Wheelchair Access
* Open

A Sampling of Sober Activities for Mission Viejo and Orange County Residents

Sober Activities for Mission Viejo and Orange County Residents

1. Dana Point Dolphin and Whale Watching

Dana Point is home to some of the most active dolphin and whale-watching activities in the United States. Guided tours are available through several different charter organizations. This is an excellent way to spend your recovery time – close to nature on an exciting nautical adventure.

2. Oso Creek Trail

Oso Creek Trail contains numerous biking and walking paths, complete with exotic floral arrangements and other scenic outdoor areas to enjoy. You might even encounter some wildlife along the way!

3. Rancho Santo Margarita Lake

Looking for a beautiful place to escape with family and friends on the weekends? Rancho Santo Margarita Lake is an excellent spot to get away for a picnic or barbecue with the family. This lake has excellent scenery and is generally pretty quiet.

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At South Shores Detox, we pride ourselves on the rich, natural environment our facility is surrounded by. For Orange County and Mission Viejo residents, this is an often-forgotten dynamic because you get to enjoy it daily! However, keep in mind that this area affords the opportunity to experience recovery in one of the most naturally breathtaking areas in the United States.

Combined with a holistic approach to healing, South Shores provides a natural recovery opportunity, experiencing life-changing therapy in a beautiful environment. For more information about our luxury amenities and top-notch therapy options, contact a member of our admissions team today.

All calls are confidential, so please reach out for our support now!