Couples Rehab Laguna Niguel

Couples Rehab Laguna Niguel

Treatment Centers Offering Couples Therapy

Traditionally, a substance abuse treatment facility is restricted to a male wing and a female wing. Rarely have we seen a drug rehab allow the sexes to intermingle, aside from during time in the common area for smoke breaks or something similar.

This meant that couples who were both victims of drug abuse were unable to attend the same drug rehab – potentially leading to a strain on the relationship, and in some cases, leading to the end of the road for many couples. This isn’t to say that some relationships don’t survive substance abuse treatment – because they do.

However, there is currently a more efficient way for couples to experience drug rehab that increases the chances of success for both parties. Our couples rehab Laguna Niguel services incorporate a couples’ and family therapist alongside detox and residential care. This changes the game for the dynamic of the relationship, leading to a chance at a new life for spouses and significant others.

If you’re thinking about substance abuse treatment and dreading parting ways with the one you love, don’t despair. Couples rehab could be a more efficient option and be the saving grace you and your partner need. Keep reading to learn more about the innovative programs available for you both at South Shores Detox and Recovery!

Couples Counseling for Substance Abuse: Co-Dependency or a Real Bond?

Couples Counseling for Substance Abuse

Many would speculate on the fact that couples who abuse drugs in tandem are codependent on one another, arguing that the substance abuse itself is the tie that binds them together.

While drug addiction is known to be the link between many in a relationship – the fact is, this isn’t always the case. If a couple plans to attend substance abuse treatment together simply to continuously remain codependent on one another, it certainly is a non-beneficial situation.

However, there are multiple advantages to couples who attend this type of program – from a mental health and substance abuse aspect. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of attending couples rehab in Laguna Niguel, CA, or the greater Orange County area.

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The Mental Health Benefits of Couples Rehab

Because couples therapy is already in existence at many mental health facilities through counselors and psychiatrists, there’s already a foundation and framework in place for professionals to use. Putting drug addiction aside, couples therapy, even in the confines of inpatient drug rehab, can have a profound impact on any relationship.

Couples can learn to cope individually and separately with mental health disorders at the source of their substance abuse challenges. This gives them the strength to work through these issues together, providing healthy coping mechanisms to work on in the future.

Receiving Similar Therapeutic Benefits

Let’s say a couple attends rehab in Laguna Niguel, CA – only separately. One half attends a facility on one side of Orange County, and the other on a different side of Orange County. However, one attends a facility that offers dual diagnosis treatment and the other attends a facility that focuses solely on addiction as a moral dilemma.

If both have mental health issues at the center of their respective addictions, only one would receive the proper therapy – the one who attends the dual diagnosis center. This would leave one at risk of falling back into the dangers of drug addiction, leaving the other vulnerable to relapse as well.

In this case, attending rehab together would be a huge benefit, assuming they both end up in the proper facility, such as South Shores, that offers dual diagnosis treatment for both partners or spouses.

Let’s look at the issue of co-dependency during drug and alcohol addiction to provide a clearer background on the buildup to the requirement of behavioral therapy and other elements of rehab for couples in Laguna Niguel, CA.

What Leads to a Couple Requiring Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Couples Using Substances

There is often a clear correlation between substance misuse and the quality of a couple’s relationship. Drug misuse is famous for being a huge problem in any relationship, and has a clear potential to lead to physical confrontation.

However, many couples fail to attend treatment because of the fear of separation. This leads to a revolving door of constant conflict, and even worse, recovery and relapse for a couple together or individually.

Warning Signs for Spouses and Couples Using Substances Together

If you’re in a relationship and believe that substance abuse is having a negative impact at home, here are multiple warning signs to look for that should trigger an interest in couples therapy at our rehab convenient to Laguna Niguel:

  • You only use drugs to calm down after fighting.
  • The only activity you experience together is drug abuse.
  • If one rationalizes drug abuse for the other.
  • You constantly fight about responsibility – financially, or otherwise.
  • Drug abuse is a constant theme in the home.
  • You collectively withdraw from family and friends.

Those who are codependent are particularly vulnerable since they rely on others for their survival. Some people care more for their spouses than themselves, and they may even condone unhealthy habits. Because of this, they are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to please their lover and maintain the connection.

They would step in to take care of the other person and shield them from the effects of substance abuse. Codependents are sometimes referred to as enablers because, despite their best intentions, they do little to prevent their partner’s substance misuse.

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Choosing to Heal Together: Rather Than Falling Apart

In the case we just described, attending drug counseling in Orange County could be detrimental, as mentioned above. However, this doesn’t mean a couple in this situation wouldn’t be a good candidate for attending drug and alcohol rehab together.

As long as these issues are brought to light before entering treatment, whether it’s from the couple themselves or family members – the proper treatment can be administered to correct these actions.

This is why it’s extremely important for both parties to be 100% transparent and honest about their drug or alcohol abuse and the way it impacts their home environment and relationship as a whole.

What Types of Therapy Sessions are Most Effective for Couples in Orange County?

Behavioral Couples Therapy

Rehab in Orange County for couples who require inpatient treatment, or any type of addiction treatment, typically includes a select group of therapy options.

Several exist that seem to be more impactful than others, and in turn, have become the gold standard in this category of addiction treatment.

Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT)

Clients with drug use disorders are less likely to relapse if they have supportive connections with open lines of communication. BCT attempts to produce the following results:

  • To feel better about your partner and your relationship overall.
  • Motivating and resolving disagreements and teaching people how to communicate effectively.

BCT participants typically have been married or cohabitating for at least a year. Together, they undergo therapy for a period of three to six months. Typically, there are 12–20 sessions. During this time, therapists provide guidance while couples learn and practice new skills in supervised settings and complete homework assignments that are discussed during subsequent sessions. Tools for monitoring progress include a calendar and a contract for sobriety.

If the person seeking treatment is interested in BCT, it can begin right after detoxification or a short-term intense rehab program. Certain facilities offer the initial stages of BCT during inpatient rehab, while others offer it strictly on an outpatient basis.

We invite you to contact South Shores Detox and Recovery for more information regarding this program and we have to offer clients who attend.

Group Therapy and its Part in Rehab for Spouses or Couples

Group therapy for couples is another powerful regimen that’s often used in combination with individual therapy sessions, or other methods such as dialectical behavioral therapy. In this environment, couples engage with other couples regarding different topics, led by a counselor or addiction specialist.

Couples can gain powerful insight into how addiction has impacted other couples, and work together to talk about resolutions and strategies to drive a successful recovery and a more stable home environment.

Couples Rehab for Laguna Niguel and Orange County

Couples Rehab for Laguna Niguel and Orange County

If you and your partner are having difficulties managing your lives together and require addiction treatment, South Shores Detox and Recovery offers a powerful program for those who wish to gain new coping skills together. We also provide individual therapy separately so you and your significant other can work on internal challenges you might be facing.

For more information regarding our couples therapy and other services, contact a member of our Admissions team today.

All calls are strictly confidential, so please reach out in confidence now and get options for you both to begin a new life alongside each other!

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FAQs on Couples Rehab in Laguna Niguel

Are couples’ rehabs more expensive?

As with any rehab program, this depends on the specific level of care, whether medication-assisted treatment is involved, if detox is required, and several other elements that impact the bottom line. We offer individual pricing for each separate member of the relationship, in addition to the couples’ services we offer.

To find out the pricing on all of our services for addiction treatment, contact us today. The faster you contact us regarding addiction treatment, the faster we can navigate the insurance end of things and help you begin the recovery process.

How long does couples’ treatment last?

Again, this also depends on the specific regimen selected together and individually. There is no blanket solution for the recovery process, as we encourage everyone to be open to any potential scheduling and recommended forms of therapy.

This gives you the best chances for long-term recovery. However, as a general guideline, you can expect a couple’s regimen to last anywhere from 60-120 days. The majority of this, or at least half, would likely occur on an outpatient basis.

Are couples admitted to rehab on the same day?

This is heavily dependent on the specific care level recommended, along with other elements that are difficult to answer without speaking to the client directly. The goal would be to admit both parties on the same day – however, this isn’t always possible.

We do our best to coordinate with doctors and clients to produce the best possible environment and outcome that we believe is conducive to the recovery of both parties. For more information about getting started, we strongly encourage you to contact our welcoming Admissions team at South Shores Detox and Recovery today.