Meth and Alcohol

Meth and Alcohol

Falling Into Meth and Alcohol Addiction

When dealing with an addiction to multiple drugs, recovery can be a great hurdle. Luckily, there are a lot of people who have been able to find peace and healing as a result of substance abuse. I will outline how it worked for me, and perhaps you will find the strength to make it work for you.

I arrived at South Shores’ recovery center following several years of meth and alcohol addiction. My alcohol abuse began in my teenage years and led me to try a bunch of different drugs. I began mixing meth with alcohol after I graduated high school and these two substances quickly overtook my life. I tried a lot of other drugs during my substance abuse, but nothing overtook me like meth and alcohol.

I wasn’t ready to enter the real world after school, and in order to cope I turned to meth and alcohol. My binge drinking in high school was originally only limited to parties and social gatherings. Soon enough, I was mixing meth into my alcohol abuse and couldn’t leave my house without one or the other, usually both in combination.

Stay reading if you want to hear more about my story, how bad things got with meth and alcohol, and how I eventually got help with the support of South Shores Detox and Recovery!

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Mixing Alcohol and Other Drugs

My addiction to alcohol and meth led me to a lot of awful choices and years of regret. I try not to dwell on my past failures now that I am sober, but it’s hard to not look back on those days and wonder how I got to that point. A lot of people who engage in drug abuse start with alcohol because it is so readily available and socially acceptable.

When you start drinking alcohol, you aren’t thinking of where it can lead you. I remember watching videos about alcohol dependence in health class in middle school. All the warning signs of alcohol use were right there, but I didn’t take any of them seriously. When I had my first drink, I was at a party and having a great time. My alcohol intoxication only amplified my good time. My young brain became accustomed to needing it.

So what was there to be afraid of? My alcohol abuse slowly got worse and worse, but I still had a good time. Slowly but surely, the signs of my alcohol use disorder began to pop up. When I didn’t have alcohol, it made me irritable. I needed a drink in social situations. I couldn’t be without it if I had to interact with other people. Eventually, I felt that I needed more than just booze. This is where meth abuse came into the picture.

Mixing Meth and Alcohol: When It All Goes Downhill Fast

Mixing Meth And Alcohol

I had no idea what meth was when I first tried it. I was drunk the first time I used meth and was looking for something else to lift up my buzz. Marijuana didn’t do a whole lot for me. It usually just made me tired. I learned later on that I was much more interested in upper like methamphetamine to keep the party going.

Methamphetamine rapidly increases the brain’s output of dopamine, so in combination with alcohol, I felt like I was on top of the world. When I mixed meth and alcohol, it gave me a sense of freedom and power. This was all internal. I can only imagine what I looked like from the outside. After several years of mixing meth and alcohol, I didn’t exactly resemble someone with a lot of power or control over any situation.

Only later did I learn from the staff about how the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) describes the mix of alcohol and meth as being particularly dangerous, causing psychosis for many users.

Combining alcohol and meth lulled me into a mental fog and allowed me to avoid the issues that I was avoiding. I was bullied a lot growing up and didn’t really know how to process the pain that it caused. We live in a society where people don’t feel very open to discussing their mental and emotional issues. My drug and alcohol dependence helped me avoid the reality of my situation.

How Do You Make Yourself Want Help?

I didn’t want to get help. My self-esteem was non-existent. I didn’t feel like I had it in me to deal with my problems. The effects of alcohol and meth created a void in me, where all that mattered was both methamphetamine abuse and alcohol-related sedation. This sedated feeling helped me avoid the rest of the world and all reality in general.

Because alcohol is such a commonly abused substance, there is always an increased risk of abuse. This abuse almost always leads to risky behaviors, and the desire to try other drugs as well. Alcohol’s effects lull you into a deceiving form of comfort. Until I hit alcohol rehab, I had thought that meth was the main problem, but both caused a ton of damage in my life that I was quick to deny. The numbness that alcohol makes you feel can easily lead you into a negative headspace and change the way that the brain processes information.

The idea of sobriety is distant and seemingly unattainable to those who are in the middle of alcohol addiction. It’s very easy for people of all personality types to fall into excessive drinking. There is always the risk of increased alcohol intake. As your tolerance builds, you need more alcohol to feel the way you want to feel. The cycle is very similar to other drugs such as methamphetamine.

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When Meth and Alcohol Abuse No Longer Cures The Pain

Years of mixing alcohol and meth ruined my brain chemistry and my body. I had no positive people in my life who could pull me aside and tell me that I needed help. Would I have listened to them anyway? Probably not. My addiction to both alcohol and meth consumed every part of my life, and I only associated with people who would enable that.

Living in a constant state of alcohol toxicity and meth-induced psychosis is a unique situation. You ride the highs as long as you can, but once the alcohol and meth wear off, you find yourself in a pit of utter despair. Many times I contemplated suicide. Methamphetamine and alcohol use had sapped my brain of dopamine and left me in a hollow rut.

The effects of alcohol slowly began to go away the longer I drank. I needed more and more alcohol to get to where I needed to be. This was the same with meth. After ending up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning, I knew that I needed a change. But where to even start? Having two addictions to overcome seemed absolutely impossible until I checked in at South Shores Detox.

What are the Health Risks Associated With Meth and Alcohol?

Risks Associated With Meth and Alcohol

After years of substance abuse, my body was in bad shape. My meth and alcohol use had caused cardiovascular disease, tooth decay, insomnia, and an overall sense of dread on a daily basis. I had wounded my brain and body so much, but I didn’t stop to think about my safety or my well-being.

Long-term meth addiction and alcohol abuse will lead you to avoid focusing on your health in pretty much every aspect. I lived in a daily cycle of impaired judgment and anxiety. It was intensely distressing and scary to think of the reality of where I was at. That’s why people continue to abuse drugs for so long. Eventually, you forgot about everything but the drug.

Meth users like myself will usually deal with hallucinations and paralyzing anxiety. A drug like crystal meth will keep you awake for days on end. Because of this, you begin dreaming while you are awake. You lose touch with reality, and you think everybody is out to get you. You think people are following you, trying to kill you. Is this any way to live? When you are deep into an alcohol and Tina addiction, you don’t know any other way.

Help Is Always There When You Need It

When I began my recovery journey, my drug abuse was at an all-time high. Mixing meth and alcohol, as well as any other substances I could get my hands on had left me a fragile being. My substance abuse had tricked me into thinking I couldn’t get better, but I knew of people who had done well in addiction treatment, so I was willing to give it a try.

There are a lot more treatment options out there than one would expect when they first enter recovery. There are dual-diagnosis treatment programs that focus on individuals who have multiple addictions, as well as mental health problems. It was a huge relief to know that I could use the same tools to deal with my crystal meth addiction as well as my alcoholism. I just had to get through the withdrawal symptoms first before I could get to work.

My withdrawal was uncomfortable, but the good people at South Shores Detox and Recovery made it as easy as possible for me to come out on the other side. I was dealing with my alcohol withdrawal and meth withdrawal at the same time, which caused a great deal of physical and emotional pain.

The stimulating effects of these drugs were no longer there to comfort me. I had to get through it without them, and this planted the seed in my brain that I didn’t need these drugs to live my life. The intense discomfort was tough, but I knew I was doing the right thing. The negative effects of the withdrawal from meth and drinking were worth it when considering the goal: living without the need for both on a daily basis.

Is Lasting Recovery From Meth and Alcohol Possible?

Lasting Recovery From Meth and Alcohol

When you enter the world of recovery, you have a lot of work to do. I knew that a treatment provider alone wasn’t going to keep me sober. It was going to take a lot of therapy and group counseling, which I embraced immediately. There are a lot of people in recovery who are still struggling on a daily basis. In order to seek the peace of mind needed to stay clean, you must actively engage in recovery and make it a top priority in your life.

It’s encouraging to me to talk to others in recovery and learn about the tips and tricks they use in order to stay on the right path. I know there is always a risk of relapse, but if I stay one step ahead and keep my eyes on the prize, I can navigate through recovery in a positive way.

I am doing a lot of my own addiction research and trying to learn as much as I can in order to help others and perhaps work in addiction treatment someday. I want to help others the way that I was helped. I know what methamphetamine users go through. I know what it’s like to be an alcoholic with no hope. I’ve got a lot of great people around me who inspire me to be the change in the world that I want to see.

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Reaching Out for Help with Drug Abuse and Relapse

You can go to multiple treatment centers, learn how to get sober, relapse, and get sober again. The only way to truly achieve lasting recovery is to practice it every day. You need to connect with others and be a positive force in the world. I can’t influence anyone to get clean, but I can help plant the seed.

I can give my own personal experience, which is that South Shores is a facility that I witnessed work wonders for so many people. I can use my knowledge and experience with someone who was in the same situation I was in during my addiction. That’s what keeps me going.

If you want a little help in keeping going, why not reach out to them today and see what options they can give you and your family? It can make all the difference to know someone’s supporting you every step of the way in getting clean!