How Long Does Ketamine Pain Relief Last

How Long Does Ketamine Pain Relief Last?

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Ketamine has been used as a pain-relief drug for a long time, but the results are decidedly mixed. While infusions show some efficacy, sprays and ketamine troches meant for daily use have shown less promise. And, in particular, daily use of ketamine can become habit-forming and result in dependence.

Ketamine addiction treatment at South Shores offers a robust treatment plan for ketamine use that also addresses issues with chronic pain through holistic methods. However, if you are using the drug for pain relief, you may be wondering: how long does ketamine pain relief last?

Here is what you need to know about ketamine pain relief before you sign up for treatment, as well as the reasons to choose South Shores Detox and Recovery for treatment and support if ketamine use has become a problem for you or a loved one.

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The Efficacy of Ketamine Treatment for Chronic Pain

The effects of ketamine have been touted in many medical journals lately. Most recently, it has been approved as a prescription for treatment-resistant depression and the treatment of some mood disorders. However, the real question is whether it does anything for chronic pain management.

As a pain relief approach, the results of ketamine treatment are mixed. It is worth mentioning ketamine is not a traditional narcotic, nor is ‘Special K’ an opioid. Some types of chronic pain such as those found in fibromyalgia, cancer pain, migraine headaches, and lower back pain have little to no reaction to ketamine. Other types of chronic pain may be more responsive including complex regional pain syndrome (which can gain relief for up to twelve weeks from an infusion of ketamine).

The Risks of Taking Ketamine on a Daily Basis

However, the important thing to note here is that the daily intake of low-dose ketamine is a dangerous approach for anyone seeking pain relief. This is offered by many providers online and can have negative impacts, namely addiction potential and serious side effects.

Some of the serious side effects of ketamine delivered over time can include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Issues with memory
  • Increased anxiety and panic attacks
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Drowsiness and fatigue
  • Cardiovascular stimulation
  • Hepatoxicity

Especially because people tend to take many small doses of ketamine therapy over time, it is possible for it to build up in the body and cause some of these more severe side effects like hepatoxicity. Of course, it can also cause many small damages that add up, such as in the case of irreparable damage to the bladder.

Ketamine Therapy Can Also Worsen Mental Health

Treatment-Resistant Depression

Some doctors have been using ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to yield breakthroughs with clients who struggle with treatment-resistant depression and other mood disorders. These intravenous ketamine treatments or even oral ketamine can have great short-term effects on mental health for the right person.

However, they aren’t right for everyone. Particularly in people who have trauma or dissociative histories, these ketamine infusions can worsen mental health. The effects of ketamine often include an increase in anxiety that can negate the pain-relieving benefits of the drug.

If you have a history of trauma, you may want to think twice before taking the ketamine approach. It would be better to treat your trauma with cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy to learn to manage your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Small Doses Over Time and Bodily Damage

You might think that receiving small doses of ketamine over an extended period of time minimizes your risk of experiencing these serious side effects. The problem is that many don’t realize the painful and permanent effects of ketamine treatment for neuropathic pain or any other type of chronic pain.

One of the most significant side effects of low-dose ketamine therapy over an extended period is serious damage to the bladder. This might require reconstructive surgery if not addressed early on during ketamine infusion therapy when symptoms first arise.

While pain relief is somewhat effective in the short term, there is another serious condition to keep in mind. The psychoactive properties are compounded by the narcotic effects which serve to complicate some mental health issues like trauma and dissociative effects.

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Ketamine Therapy May Not Last Long

Some people think that the negative side effects of ketamine use will be outweighed by lengthy times of relief issued via ketamine therapy for the right candidates. The problem is that pain relief does not always last long with any of these intravenous ketamine infusions. Relief may have a quick onset within the first hour of receiving treatment and can last for several days.

After this point, you will need another infusion to sustain your levels of ketamine and stick to the pain relief.

Over time, ketamine can build up in the body and last for longer periods of time. However, this can also contribute to a growing dependence on ketamine to manage your pain and even your emotional well-being.

Dependence on Ketamine Therapy for Pain Management

Ketamine Therapy for Pain Management

The real downside of constant low-dose ketamine therapy for chronic pain is that it can lead to some dependence on the chemical. This is a serious risk, especially among people who may already be prone to substance use issues. You may require inpatient rehab or medical detox to get ketamine out of your system.

If you have been taking ketamine infusions for some time, South Shores can help you with both chronic pain and ketamine dependence. Our clinical team holistic treatment plan that gives you access to everything you need to deal with both issues.

Massage and Acupuncture Treatment

In addition to rigorous treatment for those who have become dependent on ketamine for pain relief, massage therapy, and acupuncture sessions can minimize the effects of chronic pain on the body more naturally.

Acupuncture has been studied at length and has been found to be a highly effective treatment for chronic pain. While it may not be your first thought when it comes to pain management, it should rank higher on your list than ketamine therapy administered in low doses over time.

Yoga and Breathwork Exercises

Another holistic therapy that can help alleviate your chronic pain is the inclusion of yoga and breathwork into your care. Yoga is a great way to align the mind and body with intention. As you strengthen and stretch the body, you might experience some pain relief for even the most chronic conditions.

In addition, deep and steady breathing can help you to feel more at peace and calm with fewer negative emotional states. Given that chronic pain often leads to irritability and mood issues, this can be a powerful antidote without the addictive properties of ketamine therapy.

Addiction Treatment for Ketamine Therapy

Addiction Treatment for Ketamine Therapy

While the above programs are helpful in the treatment of chronic pain, you may also need to face another core issue: dependence on ketamine therapy. IV ketamine and even low-dose ketamine oftentimes provide significant pain relief in the short term. However, we are dedicated to your long-term well-being.

We offer you a safe space for detox from IV ketamine infusion with around-the-clock care from a team of medical professionals who can make you as comfortable as possible.

From here, we can help you transition to our inpatient treatment facility where you can receive a higher level of care, access to the services you need, and monitoring of your chronic pain condition. With some of the therapies we have in our toolbox, we can guide you toward a more holistic treatment of pain that does not have the side effects of ketamine.

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Get Holistic Help for Pain Management at South Shores

No matter what type of neuropathic pain or other chronic pain you might be living with, you need help to combat the long-term effects of ketamine use. South Shores understands the connection between your chronic pain and ketamine use, but we can help you transition away from ketamine treatments before larger issues arise.

Get ready to deal with your pain signals in a more holistic way without repeated ketamine infusions that build up your dependence on the drug. Reach out to us today to learn what our treatment program can offer you now and for your future!